Poetry Rivals – Year 9 Activities Week

We would love to hear your thoughts on the poetry day. Please write at least one WWW (what went well) and one EBI (even better if) about the day in the comments box below. The more constructive you can be, the more we can make the day as enjoyable as possible.

Mr Legowski, Mrs Perrott & Mrs Robinson


52 thoughts on “Poetry Rivals – Year 9 Activities Week

  1. Megan page

    I thought that everyone making up there own peoms was really good and I enjoyed it even though it took me ages, and I thought that it should of been more creative maybe add art into it.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Megan. I suppose it’d make sense adding art into the poetry day, considering we’re based in the art block. The thing is, we only have a single day in which to revisit poetic devices, practise writing and then performing poetry before the slam in the afternoon. I think the song lyrics exercise in the morning went well as it got students thinking about these same poetic devices in a much more enjoyable and mainstream context. However, should we have just gone straight into the writing workshops and then perhaps give ourselves time in the afternoon for visuals? Mr Legowski

  2. Tally

    What went well? Writing the poems was ok and I liked the preparation to write it. Next time we should watch more examples of people that have competed in this competition.

  3. Jordan

    WWW- Lots of chances to be creative and write what we wanted
    EBI- The reading of the song lyrics didn’t seem like it helped that much.

  4. liam

    i used to hate poetr,y but now its changed my mind a little bit and its nice to get your feelings and turn them into a poem. Next time maybe make it a little bit more enjoyable and fun.

  5. olivia

    WWW – It was fun because we got to work with friends and some parts of the day was easy.
    EBI – we didn’t talk in front of our class especially if we don’t feel comfortable.

    WWW- it was ok because we got to find our favourite song lyrics.
    EBI-I hated talking in front of people.

  6. Suki & Paris

    Paris: i think today, the best parts were when we created are own poems, and used them to get our point across in various diffearent ways, next time we should do some more creating our own poems, but instead of that we should of done songs.

    Suki: I think that looking at examples of poetry and writing our own poems were the best parts because it gaves us a chance to be creative and the examples inspired us. I couldn’t improve it, but I didn’t see the point of looking at the songs and changing them.

  7. chris

    www- i liked it when we wrote our own peoms.
    ebi- The reading of the song lyrics didn’t seem like it helped that much

  8. Molly

    WWW: It was nice to be able to write about what we wanted. The part of with the songs was good.
    EBI: It was more creative. Less writing.

  9. Louis Reid

    I enjoyed Writing my own poem and evaluating the lyrics for the songs, it was hard thinking about a song but it was fun when reading it out with a friend.

  10. Ian

    WWW – I think that today was very fun because writing poems about what ever we wanted was good.
    EBI – I think that the first part of the day wasn’t really relevent.

  11. Lizzy

    WWW – I think that today was fun because I got to write my own poem and express my feelings.

    EBI – If we did not have to read our poem infront of everybody.

  12. ryan burrows

    WWW- being creative and writing my own proformance
    EBI- give people the choice to read infront of a camera or not

  13. Erin

    WWW- I think today was alright because I liked reading our favourite songs.
    EBI- We didn’t perform them.

  14. megan willmott

    WWW- it was good because i enjoyed writing the poems. it was an improvement from yesterday because we were doing more stuff today.
    EBI- we didnt have to perform them infront of people.

  15. Georgia Lumley

    WWW- I think it was good because I enjoyed writing my poem. It was good because we got to write it about anything we wanted. Also it was an improvement from yesterday.
    EBI- We didnt get filmed.

  16. Ruby Hunt

    WWW. I think that writing the poems went well, and it was fun.
    EBI- We didn’t have to get filmed infront of everyone.

  17. Lizzy

    WWW – I enjoyed making my own poem.

    EBI – If we did not have to read our poems infront of everybody.

  18. Brooke

    www- i think it went well and kind of enjoyed today. I liked writing my own poem.
    ebi- we didnt get filmed or getting filmed without people there as people were coughing and paper was rustleing.

  19. Niamh

    WWW – I really enjoyed writing my own poem and doing the rhyming activities.
    EBI – I didin’t see how the metaphor activity helped us.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      You were a superstar today, Niamh! Which metaphor exercise? The one where you had to rewrite the song lyrics LITERALLY (replacing the metaphors)? It was a continuation of the previous exercise where we looked at WHY poets and songwriters use metaphors. I think everyone in the class agreed that metaphors make writing more interesting, more vivid. Mr Legowski

  20. chris wright

    what went well for me: i maneged to compliete all the tasks set today and the lesson was tort well.

    even better if: what i think could be better is that if there was no audiance when we read our own poem and it just being the student and the teacher

  21. francisco chinchilla lazaro

    I thinktoday was alright because I likereading our favorite songs and we raed poetry
    I didn’t like perfom them

  22. Troy

    I enjoyed the day overall I especially liked making our own poems it would be better if thing slowed down a bit

  23. Jacob hunter

    www liked writing the onsie poem
    didn’t like the metaphor activity it didn’t help me write my poem

  24. Joe

    I think today was good because even though i dont enjoy poems i felt i atchually did well for once in poems so i felt i achived something and it was fun i also learnt lots of techniques for poems

  25. Russell

    WWW- I liked writing my poem but i did not really like going in front of a camera and reading my poem.

  26. noula hart

    i think today was good because i like writing things and being creative but i didnt get why we had to print out are favoret song. my favoret part of the day was when we had to write our own poem
    what could be improved is making it clear why we need to print out are favoret song out and not read are poem out in front of the class if we dont want them to hear are poem
    but all in all it was a rather good day
    (i know a baby but i am a lady we are in danger because there is a stranger)

  27. troy jordan

    it was ok it would have been better if we had a chouce about entering the contest the good thing was writing the poems

  28. kieran patten

    i really think this was a good day it really gave us a chace to be so creative i did not mind the talking to the camera.

    but what i would change is

  29. Lucy

    I have really enjoyed the poetry day.
    WWW- Writing my poem went really well, i am quite pleased with it and i feel that i have learnt (in more detail) the devices used in making poetry successful and how to use them to create effect.
    EBI- Although it was a good example of poetry, i didnt personally enjoy the rapping video with the student and teacher, as i dont like rap at all and i didnt find it very helpful!

    Overall it was great!

  30. kiera

    WWW: I enjoyed writing the poems and watching the video of the rap battle. I also didnt think that performing the poems was as bad as I expected.
    EBI:We should have had more time to write our poems.

  31. Samantha

    I enjoyed today as it was alot fun
    WWW- I enjoyed today as i like creating my own poem and watching others to get ideas. I also liked watching the rap battle
    EBI- Given more time to prepare so nerves don’t get the better of us. Also don’t let them perform really sad poems it makes me sad.

  32. Matthew/lucy

    Lucy Minto- I really enjoyed the day making up our own poems was good but I would of like to have maybe gone outdoors or look at things to inspirer us for our poems

    Matt-I enjoyed today although it was not as good as angry birds, I enjoyed writing my own poem

  33. simon the tractor enthusiast

    the day was frun at times i enjoyed making my own poem

    i think that something that you could improve on is to show the whole video of the rap battle

  34. Georgia B :)

    Today was really good.
    WWW- It was really helpful and it was fun learning poetry this way. I liked writing our own poems and it was good to know what other people liked to write about.
    EBI- Less writing]
    it was fun though.

  35. kayleigh

    I enjoyed writing our poems today as i have learned a few new things about poetry. Before i used to despise poetry now im kind of interested in learning about it.
    writing poems was fun but it was a little hard.

  36. sarah m.p.

    WWW: i think today was good because we had put our own thoughts and emotions into our own poem and also thinking creative.

    EBI: if it was much fun than usual and needs a little umph.


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