Mr Legowski’s 9z home learning – due Monday 1 July

Dear class,

Yesterday, we took stock of how well you are progressing in the Writing for the Screen lessons and you were able to say what you felt confident, secure and unsure about. Then you were put into groups according to what you felt you were able to do well, and tasked with explaining your given topic to the rest of the class. This way, you’d be able to share your understanding with your peers in a way that was perhaps more effective than the teacher directing the learning.

SO, your home learning is this: reflect on how well the presentations went in the comments box below. What went well and how could they (and the learning they were supposed to help) be improved. Ultimately, did peer-teaching help you understand film scripts better? If so, how? If not, why not?

Please enter your comments in the box below by Monday 1 July.

Mr Legowski


13 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 9z home learning – due Monday 1 July

  1. Bread egg

    I think that our presentation is like half way as well as we did not have enough time meaning that we only got past the starter and only got one drama act done out of five, but we or I learnt some Information that helped me…

    The first presentation or Lewis Wiley’s group did the- all, could and some- and their starter was a bit confusing at the start but I got the just of it, but again with the time they only got to do one drama act plus at the start they did the absent or in list at the start, ( register ).

    …the info was about how they act and also talked or the way they talked, also I learnt from that lesson, the first part, that is how are modern society is compared to 1980 America Of Mice Of Men era, comparing the weakest and the stingiest for example, the homeless, the comparsent, Gorge and Lennie, or, candy, a man who goes to work and spends a lot of time alone at the pub of out.

    ——–———————- ——-———————- ——–————————– —–—

    I done the other home work that you asked me to do once everybody left the room 🙂

  2. Jixt

    Our presentations which we showed back to the class about scripts and how we as students understood the many ways of creating a great script. I thought that they could be improved quite a lot, for example the groups that we were placed in. The groups which we were placed in were not understanding the task set, many swerved of task and that led to one of the four team members doing all the work, while the others sat there having “Fun”?. Some groups got on well and produced a great presentation, which all of the class understood and gained important information which we need to write a script. I understood most presentations and what they were trying to say, but many couldn’t get there words right, and that ended in them panicking and becoming misunderstood. I think that we are a class should continue working on the scripts bare bones and work from there.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      An honest appraisal, Paris. Does the idea itself fall down (that is, students being able to get the information across to students in a way that’s more easily understandable) or was it a matter of selecting the groups more carefully? I’d be interested to know the students’ answer to this question. Mr Legowski

  3. Tally

    I think the presentation whant quite well I understud most of what was said but there are still some things I don’t know and I think there was some things that where missed. I think it is a bit easier when a student tells you how to do it but when a teacher tells you the go into much more detail and I feel more conftibel writing about something when a teacher has told me every thing but a student might not included everything you need to know.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      A fair point, Tally, and in fact you’ve answered the question I posed to Paris above. Here’s another: how can we get to the stage where the students ARE able to help each other’s learning in an effective way? Mr Legowski

  4. Suki

    Because people who had to go to the drama performance and I had to leave early, we only got most of Paris’ group’s presentation. The presentation went smoothly, everybody knew their lines, and they explained everything about dialog clearly. I can’t think of a way that it could be improved, except maybe giving examples (I might have missed them, I don’t know) I think peer-teaching was a good idea, but I feel much more confident writing when a teacher has told me in detail.

  5. Jake

    I was not part of my groups presentation as I was late but when I came in my group was all ready presenting as I went and sat down they were very good they both new there own lines and they were describing it very well and the rest of the class were all taking lots of interest to then when specking.

    I think the this way of teaching each other was very good and I also think we should do it more often as most of the class enjoyed doing it and I think that the way other students explain it is more easier to take in and over all it was brilliant.


  6. Eloise

    On the presentation we done i think we did really good and with the other presentation going on as we’ll I think I understood most of them. I understand more when someone my age tells me only because what language they use and how they talk.

  7. Shane

    I was not there for my groups presentation because I had to go to the drama performance. I think that my group would have helped the class with setting a lot because we had a lot of discussion on the setting and did our best to make sure everything we said was to do with the setting also Jack did not help much as he went round the class he spent most of the time with the group which was alright but the last time we told him to go round the class he refused to, then he said he will but he got nothing useful at all also while he was with the rest of us he made almost no contribution to the work. We could have improved by practising what we was going to say because we had what we needed to say on paper but we did not know what order we was going to speak so one of us might have accidentally spoke over someone else and that would not be useful. I think the other groups presentations that I saw where quite useful and I learnt a lot from them and what I learnt from the work hopefully will show in the writing of the script.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks for your detailed and honest feedback, Shane. I certainly hope that ALL of the students in the class were able to benefit from the hard work that your group put in. Mr Legowski

  8. Troy

    Our group presentation i thought went well, although Shane was not there to do the presentation itself, I think that shane did well as he contributed to the pllaning and put down some ideas. Our team also did well on planningt what to say, everyone contributed to the work by putting down ideas, even Taylor but she did not go to the pressentation.
    Although our group can improve by making the presentation more livley because we only did words and we should have done a poster or some illustrations.


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