Mr Legowski’s 10y home learning – due Monday 1 July

Your home learning task is two-fold:

1) Reflect on the lesson you taught to the class: what went well and how it could be improved. Please enter your comments in the box below.

2) Prepare yourself for the sheriff’s enquiry role-play in Monday’s lesson. Go back to the book and read the parts where your character is involved and think, too, about his connection with Curley’s wife and Lennie. Your character may be a suspect (the sheriff is rightly treating the deaths as suspicious) so you’ll need to be able to answer questions about your whereabouts at the times of the deaths and explain any contact you may have had with the deceased.

As ever, if you have any queries regarding the above tasks, contact me straight away in the comments box below or by email to

Mr Legowski


6 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10y home learning – due Monday 1 July

  1. Callum

    During the lesson me, Simon, Emily, and Amy planned out the lesson but could not do the starter as planned as a result Emily left the starter to me and Simon in the last 5 minutes so we improvised the starter into a topic that is related to our theme – “loneliness”. We could have improved on the starter but all we needed was time which we did not have but from that all was fine, so the lesson went well.

  2. Amy

    I thought that us teaching a lesson was a good idea. It has given us a insight in to teaching, and I have decided that I defently don’t want to be a teacher. I didn’t enjoy it that much because they weren’t very well organised, and some were hard to follow.

  3. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    (From Leah) On the whole I thought mine and Lewis’s lesson was very successful as we involved everyone in all the activities and asked them for their opinion. Although the lesson was successful I thought it would be even better if we had longer teaching period because the students got too involved in the starter activity which turned to a debate. We included the physical side to the lesson but not the writing side. I think I could have involved myself a little more rather than leaving everything to Lewis to deliver to the class. The lesson was a little bit disorganised due to the fact that Mitchell was not in and he was keeping hold of all the lesson plans. The lesson would be even better if we had more time.

  4. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    (From Micah) In my group I was working with Curtis,Gemma and Antony. I think overall that our lesson with the class went really. However our whole lesson was a bit longer than we expected and ran out of time. And if we were do to it again a I would plan the lesson to more punctual time. Even though our lesson was quite long than we expected, but the good thing about it was all of us knew what we were meant to be doing and got on with it. To improve I would make the lesson more active and fun.

  5. Emily

    In my group there was me Amy Callum and Simon. I think we worked well as a team to produce a 20 min lesson. Even if are lesson didn’t go so well. To maker better next time I think we should be aloud to choose our groups and that we should be given more time to complete the lesson plan


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