Year 10 – Ms Edwards’ class 27/06

Please write a paragraph in the comment box below on how you now feel about having chosen your own text to study at GCSE. Has it made things easier or more difficult? Did you choose the right text? Are you going to read one of the others?


8 thoughts on “Year 10 – Ms Edwards’ class 27/06

  1. matt

    it’s been very helpful, because I get to write about something I want and not just something that I have been forced to do!!

  2. CallumJSlaney

    Doing this topic has been helpful but get quite annoying in a short amount of time even when the “girls try to get everything done and leave you with hardly anything but this topic that I have been doing “loneliness” has been helpful in many ways of understanding the story of the book OF Mice And Men.

  3. Georgia

    i feel that by choosing my own book to study for GCSE, it has helped me to become more motivated to read and write about it. Moreover by having a choice of three books, it gave me more of an opportunity to have a book that either suited our reading capabilities or interests. Therefore i feel that by choosing my own book for GCSE it has made it easier for me. I think that i chose the right text for me and dont know wether i would read any of the others.

  4. Mary Anne

    I was glad that we were able to choose our own book as we were able to choose one that interested us the most therefore we were more motivated to read and write about it. However, as I had not read any of the three before making a decision, it was quite tricky as I wasnt sure which I’d actually prefer. Despite this, I feel more comfortable and confident knowing im studying a book i opted for rather than one I was forced into reading.

  5. Harriet

    I think it was a good thing that we all got to choose, because it meant we could feel like we had more freedom and that we wern’t told exactly what we had to do. I thought it was good as well because it meant the class could split up and work in smaller groups. Furthermore this made it easier for people who struggle with reading because they can choose the text they think is best for them.

  6. tilly

    i think there were positives and negatives to choosing our own books. it was good because it meant we could have our own choice so people are more interested in their book however it means it is more difficult to work as a whole class because we are all doing different books so there has to be three tasks. i think i chose the right text but probably wont finish reading the other two.

  7. Jake

    I think that choosing our own books is a good idea because it allows people to read a text that they feel is suitable for their own capabilities. This will help people to work independently and not rely on others because the work is too challenging. It is also easier to write about things that you are interested in so will help people achieve the grades that they are capable of.

  8. Rhiannon

    I feel it was a good idea to choose our books, because we were able to develop an insight for the book that allowed us to empathize with the characters out of choice as opposed to being forced into getting to know characters that we might not necessarily feel at ease studying, to then have to write about them. I feel as though we’ve been allowed a set amount of freedom, knowing full well what we need to learn as an individual, so that we’re able to understand the book at our own pace.


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