10x home learning – due Thursday 20 June

Your home learning builds on the house debate that was held in today’s lesson.

I’d like you to write your reflections on your contribution to the debate in the comments box below. Think about what you did well before and during the debate and what you need to do to get an even better mark. You should use the marking criteria I have emailed to your Dartmouth Academy e-address to suggest a mark for yourself; use the criteria too when considering what you have to do to get a higher mark (if this is possible!) next time.

Please complete this task before your next English lesson on Thursday 20 June.

Mr Legowski/Mrs Robinson


17 thoughts on “10x home learning – due Thursday 20 June

  1. Jake Billings

    I think my contribution to the debate was average but I could have done better. In order to do better I could speak more whereas I didn’t really do this but however I listened well as I understood the topic been discussed.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Jake. The thing is, although it’s called speaking and LISTENING, you’ll only get a mark when you contribute to the discussion. Preparation and practice will help to overcome a lack of confidence. Mr Legowski

  2. Sammy Burgers

    I think that my contribution was good because Miss Edwards gave me an 11 which is a solid C which made me quite happy. I think I could have done better to use rhetorical devices to up my grade. I think I did well by listening to others opinion and contributing and arguing with other peoples comments and opinions .

  3. Daisy Price

    I was speaking for the opposing side of the argument and contributed through out the discussion giving my opinion and answering questions from the ‘floor’. I was given 15 as a mark overall and need to resolve differences in the next discussion to receive full marks for speaking and listening.

  4. James

    I think my contribution was decent since I got an 11 in my mark. I think I could have done better by giving better reasoning, conclusions and skills such as addressing the opposing or asking questions to them.I think I did well because I brought in a fair few points and argued a bit with the other team, quoting a couple of their points in counter arguments.

  5. Joy

    We were debating about which is better, the future or the past, i was on the side saying that the future. Was better. My contribution was less then average as I only gave my opinion once; I could have added more to the debate but I think I did okay I got a 8 in the debate.

  6. Jess Branton

    To be honest, I think I did quite well in the debate about ‘which is better, the past or the future’? I had to start of the debate because no one was ‘bothered’ to start it off. Before hand I researched about the past and the good things about it and also about The Great Depression. Miss Edwards graded me and score of 10/16 which is a C and is more than half way, which I’m really proud of since in the other debate previously with Mr Bakewell about ‘Of Mice and Men’ I got 9/16. To improve, I could expand on my points more and develop on them in more depth. Overall I think I did very well.

  7. tilly

    I didn’t do well at all in this debate because I didn’t actually make any comments. Next time i will try to voice my opinions better and use persuasive techniques to put across my views.

  8. Mary Anne Johnson

    I am really happy with my contribution in the debate as I managed to get a mark 15. This was because I was able to voice my opinion throughout and retort back to the other side and comments made by the floor. However, to achieve 16 marks i could’ve resolved the problems that were made and i will bare this in mind in time for my next debate.

  9. Aimee

    I wasn’t that happy with my contribution in the debate, although i did say some of my points i didnt go into detail with them, i think to improve i need tot talk more and be more confident in my points and use persuasive language.

  10. Rhiannon

    I believed that my contribution towards the debate was rather diminished, as I wanted to say quite a few things, but was not able to do so, nor was the debate in a structured order. I got 13 out of 16, which I suppose is okay, but I wasn’t particularly pleased with the constant talking over each other, and I felt I could not make a full contribution towards the topic.

  11. Harriet Walker

    I think that my contribution to the debate was good because I expressed my thoughts and opinions into the topic and made my points flexible to the way the conversation was going, i got 15 band 5 which i was very pleased with.

  12. Georgia

    In the debate i achieved a 10, although a 10 isnt bad i think i would be able to improve if i were to do another dabate again. I said a few relative points, however i didnt go into enough depth with them and didnt develop them enough. I also need to improve my confidence in speaking and listening activities, I often dont like to say anything just incase it is wrong. Therefore to improve my mark i need to become more confident and develop my answers more.

  13. Savannah Clarke

    I think my contribution was okay. I referenced the Great Depression and backed up my point with facts, however I didn’t speak as much as I could have, so that is something I need to improve on. Overall the discussion was pretty good, and there were some really good ideas and points being made.

  14. Cassie

    I think my contribution towards the debate could have been better, I got to mention some of my views in the floor debate but that was about it. I didn’t really go into depth with my points and could have developed them to get a higher mark. However, in the debate I did listen to others points and was able to have a disagreement towards them or I was able to contribute to the point made, to improve I could speak up more to get my points across and feel confident in what I want to say.


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