Timetable for Yr 10 student-taught ‘Of Mice and Men’ lessons

The following applies to students in Mr Legowski’s Year 10 class.

The timetable for your lessons has now been decided (impartially, by a special atomic randomizer or somesuch thing) and the dates, themes and teams are as follows:

■ Thursday 27 June (periods 6 & 7) – Micah, Curtis, Gemma & Anthony – Fate and destiny
■ Thursday 27 June (periods 6 & 7) – Tyler, Holly, Lewis D & Ruben – Broken dreams
■ Thursday 27 June (periods 8 & 9) – Louis E, Jane & Matthew – Prejudice and discrimination
■ Thursday 27 June (periods 8 & 9) – Luke, Jacob & Ashley – The importance of friendship
■ Friday 28 June (periods 6 & 7) – Joy, Mitch, Lewis W & Leah – The oppression of the weak in society
■ Friday 28 June (periods 6 & 7) – Callum, Emily, Simon & Amy – Loneliness

You must be prepared to teach on the above date whether your partners in your group are in school or not.

Please run your lesson ideas and resources past me so I can make sure they are appropriate for a GCSE lesson. Enter your learning objective (including WILL, SHOULD & COULD) and your learning activities on the Google Doc you’ve been sent the link for. I’ll look over your ideas and provide helpful feedback for you. Your lesson details must be entered on the Google Doc no later than Monday evening, 24 June.

Finally, you were all very clear today at explaining what makes a great lesson so bear this in mind when planning your teaching sequence. Ask yourself two questions: 1) Would I enjoy this lesson? 2) What would I learn from this lesson?

Best of luck!


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