Mrs Robinson’s Yr 9 home learning – due Tuesday 18 June

Click on the following link for your home learning: (Although it’s a link to 9z’s home learning, you’re doing the same scheme of learning and therefore the same home learning too!)

You must bring in your outline (bullet-points are fine) to tomorrow’s lesson – Tuesday 18 June.

Mrs Robinson


5 thoughts on “Mrs Robinson’s Yr 9 home learning – due Tuesday 18 June

  1. Tyler Martin

    Halo trailer
    Exposition: when the trailer introduced the landscape and settings.
    Complication: when the trailer shows the aliens taking over, making humans slaves and starting a war.
    Climax: when the trailer shows humans fighting back and everyone starts shooting.
    Resolution: when the trailer shows humans win the battle.

  2. megan page

    Halo trailer:
    exposition: the trailer introduces the image of what it looks like and how it is set out.
    complication: Is when the video shows the random creatures and turning into slaves then starting to begin the war.
    climax: this is when it show the humans fighting and trying to survive then its an even bigger war.
    resolution: the ending when the humans with the fight with the aliens.

  3. Georgia Lumley

    Halo trailer:
    Exposition: shows what the main settings are and the mainn characters.
    Complication: when creatures start to turn into slaves then I think they start a war.
    Climax: whn the war becayse even bigger and the slaves start shooting everyone.
    Resolution: slaves (humans) win the war at the end.

    Hope this is ok 🙂

  4. Liam


    Exposition: when everything has been introduce like the scene, charecters, setting, people etc.

    Complication: when them creatures start to take over and start to begin a war.

    Climax: everyone is now in a full blown fight both sides fighting eachover.

    Resolution: at the end when there is a clear winner to the fight.

    Ps, this is probably wrong.

  5. Solley

    Halo trailer:

    Exposition: everything in the trailer is introduced.

    Complication: everything starts to get complicated and them creature things start a fight with the humans.

    Climax: the humans fight back and its at the peak of the trailer.

    Resalution: at the end when there is a winner and the trailer ends.


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