Mrs Robinson’s 092 home learning – due Wednesday 5 June

Dear class,

I would be grateful if you would complete an evaluation of the Looking to the Future scheme of learning by answering the following questions in the comments box below. Your answers will help me to ensure that future Year 9 students benefit from your experience this year.

1. How difficult was the scheme of learning on a scale of 1-10? (1 being easy; 10 being incredibly hard)
2. What was your favourite lesson? Why?
3. What did you least enjoy? Why?
4. What skill(s) did you improve during the scheme of learning?
5. How could the lessons be improved for next year’s students?

Thank you.
Mrs Robinson


9 thoughts on “Mrs Robinson’s 092 home learning – due Wednesday 5 June

  1. Tyler Martin

    The difficulty of the scheme of learning on a scale of 1-10 is 4.
    My favourite lesson would be “what would the future be in 100 years” because i get to express my ideas about how our future would look like with transport, buildings & clothing.
    The least topic i enjoyed would be “travel writing” because it was a very boring topic.
    The skills i improved most on in this scheme of learning would be my punctuation pee paragraphs & spelling.
    The lessons could be improved on with next year’s students by doing lessons such as travel writing to be more entertaining & educative.
    by Tyler Martin yr 9.

  2. Liam wadeson

    Difficulty on a scale of 1-10 I think it has been a 4/5, I think it has been pretty easy. My fave rote lesson was where we had to write what England would be like in 3030. I enjoyed this lesson because we were able to write what we thought about the future. The thing I didn’t really enjoy was the travel brochure and the global warming work because I found it quite boring. I improved on mainly my writing and description in writing.

  3. Sarah M.P.

    Out of 1-10, the difficulty of the scheme would be 5, because half of the learning can be tough and confusing and the other half is simple and entertaining. My favorite lesson would definitely be ‘ what would you keep in a time capsule that would be opened in a 100 years time’ because some of the items might not exist anymore and people will lose the memory of some of the objects and also that time capsule might last a life time. The most least lesson I do not enjoy, would honestly be ‘travel writing’ because, honestly, I was a 100% confused throughout the whole topic. The skills that I am achieving are description, articles and gothic writing. Next year, it would be more entertaining and interesting by picking one topic out of a number of topics in English and make that topic interesting by watching clips of videos that help them learn.

    By Sarah Martin-Pilkington.

  4. Coral

    Out of 1-10 it would be a 5 because no on knows what the future issuing to be like so we have to make it up and it was quite hard because everyone had different ideas and you don’t even know if any of them are true. My favorite lesson would of had to been the lesson when we where saying what would put in our time capsule one because it was better then all the reast and where all had different ideas and it was just better then writing an assessment.
    My least favorite lesson would have to be all the Ssesments we do we have quite a lot of them and they can get boring after a while. The skills I have gained would be thinking more and having a open mind about the future and getting a proper understanding on the topic.
    You could improve the lesson for next year by not having all the assessments and spread them out a bit more so you have fun lessons in the middle of some of them also you could maybe watch some movies to get a better understanding what you are going to be learning for that turm.

  5. Coral

    Sorry mrs I didn’t check my spelling my iPad has corrected some of the words but they don’t make sence.

  6. Georgia Lumley

    From 1-10 I think the lesson was around about 7 because I liked the lesson when we thought about what it would be like 1000 years in the future. I liked listening to everyones opinion on the future. The -3 because I dont like writing a lot, that was my lest favourite part.
    I actually learnt to look around me and take care of the planet because otherwise in 1000 years our distant family could be living in a horrible place. For next years students the lesson could be improved by being more of a practical lesson instead of writing. Also not having loads of assessments because its a lot of pressure.

  7. megan page

    out of 1-10 I think the lessons where about a 5, I dint really understand some of it, and we don’t really know what its going to be like in the future. my favourite lesson was when we had to write a short story, to do with horror. I enjoyed it because it got me thinking and I was able to put all my thoughts into the story. I didn’t really enjoy learning about the future because in some ways it wasn’t very nice, although people may think that its going to be all technology, it might not be! I don’t think I improved on any skills over the scheme of learning, to make it better for the year 9’s next year you could, make more practical work, maybe have some school trips and make the work more interesting not just all writing.

  8. Georgia B

    out of 1-10 i think it would be 6 because some bits where hard and some were easy. My favourite would of been the lesson we had to say what we would put in the time capsule and it was good to know other peoples ideas. I didnt like travel writing because it was hard and i didnt know how to do it right at first. The skills i improved where probbaly writing more discriptive paragraphs. It could be improved by not doing loads of writing and doing more visual stiff. You could do more fun stuff.

  9. solley metchette

    in the les.sos i think the hardness varyies because in some lessons i struggle and in some other i am not challenged the favrouite lesson this year was the time captual leson because i feel evryone was involved and we wasent just sat down writing i think it is good to vary the styiles of learning. I lease enjoy the assesments because threy make me nervous and take learning of my mind and assesments on my mind. I have had to use team work and to be independent in in my learinig. I think next years lessons could be improved by doing more activities when the hole group is involved.


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