Yr 11 Lit/Lang home learning – due Thursday 23 May

Dear class,

I really enjoyed Friday’s lesson. Your comments about hierarchy in Of Mice and Men, both on the ranch and in the story itself, really demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the characters and the connections between them. For example, Naomi’s comment about status versus usefulness on the ranch was brilliant. Bevan’s similar call for a distinction to be made between the (importance of a character to the) development of the narrative and that character’s importance if the novel is looked at from a thematic perspective (e.g. oppression of the weak in society), was again excellent.

Your home learning is as follows:

I will email you a past GCSE English Language paper. I would like you to design either a leaflet or a flowchart showing how you should go about answering the OMaM or Writing questions. Students born on an odd day (1st, 3rd, etc.) of a month, please focus on the OMaM questions; students with a birthday on an even day (2nd, 4th, etc.) should tackle the Writing questions.

Your exam is fast-approaching, indeed you have a mock exam on Tuesday, so I think that providing student-friendly ways of approaching the exam questions will benefit you all in this crucial next couple of weeks.

Mr Legowski


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