Yr 11 Lit/Lang home learning – due Monday 13 May

Dear class,

Following your mock exam writing question today, your home learning task is as follows:

Use the marking criteria (I’ll email it to you), predict the overall mark you think you have achieved. THEN explain what you will need to do/learn/ask about/find out in order to get a better mark next time.

Please use the comments box below for your answer.

Mr Legowski


11 thoughts on “Yr 11 Lit/Lang home learning – due Monday 13 May

  1. Dylan Matthews-Evans

    I do not know how accurate this will be as obviously we do not have the actual writing with us. However i think i did okay, i would probably give myself a Band 4, mark 10 as i think if i remember correctly i did everything in Band 3 quite well. I do feel as if i could have done better if i had more time to think about it as although i quickly planned out what to write i also tried to write as much as i could in the time we had. To get a better grade i will try and develop each point i made in more detail as although i did go into detail on most some i just mentioned when i think i could have described better and got a better grade.

  2. Katie

    Band 3 Mark 9: To improve I would improve my vocabulary and improve my organisation of my writing and key points. Also, to develop my points in more detail.

  3. Lorna

    Band 3 mark 8. To improve I need to make more points and develop them in detail, also I would use a wider range of vocabulary. I need to learn what to put in a magazine article or how to write one 🙂

  4. Emily H

    Band 3 mark 8. To improve i think that i needed to use a wider variety of vocabulary. I also forgot about the structure of a magazine article when i was writing. I could have developed my points a bit more, it may have helped me if i spent a bit longer on writing a small plan at the beginning.

  5. Alicia

    Band 3 Mark 8 to improve i think i will need to think of more points so that i am not repeating myself and also to use a wider range of different vocabulary so that there is more of a variety throughout.

  6. Polly

    Band 3, mark 7 or. To improve my grade I think I would need time to research my chosen topic further so that my points are more developed and detailed with more specific references. In addition I think if I had researched and planned my topic more thoroughly my overall piece would’ve been longer and more structured.

  7. Elouisa

    Band 3 Mark 7: to improve I think I should relate more in my answer to what I am talking about and perhaps think more about what invention I choose to write about so that I have more appropriate ideas and so I am less likely to side-track. Also, I should use a wider range of vocabulary and think more about who my audience is.

  8. Holly

    I don’t think i achieved a very high mark because i didn’t make it clear as to which audience i was writing too. Probably a band 2/3 if that. Next time i will chose a subject i can talk about easily instead of being creative and chosing a topic i don’ have much understanding of!

  9. Lucy

    Band 3 Mark 7, I think to improve I need to use a wider range of vocabulary. Also I think that I would of done better if I’d had the time to research the topic and plan what I was going to write, in order for it to of been more structured. I think doing more research before hand, will then let you add in facts about the subject, you can also take into account the audience that your writing for, so you know how to structure it, therefore keeping the readers interested.

  10. Emma

    Band 2 Mark6 I need to use a wider range of vocabulary to improve. Also I think I need to plan better before I start writing and research into the topic more.

  11. Izzy

    Band 3 mark 8, I need to use a wider range of vocabulary and plan efficiently before writing. I need to also develop on the points that I make and explain in further depth.


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