10y’s home learning – due Thursday 9 May

Why didn’t Steinbeck give Curley’s wife a name?

Write your answer in the comments box below by Thursday 9 May.


3 thoughts on “10y’s home learning – due Thursday 9 May

  1. JOY!

    Curley’s wife acts as a plot device and is a manipulative, To the men of the farm she is rightfully considered a “tart”, a woman trying to escape her husband although she is ironically inescapable herself. The men try to avoid her sexual advances for fear of losing their jobs, but the narrow-minded and selfish lady cannot see that. Over all I feel she does not have a name in the novel because they call her ‘curleys wife’ as she can only be an object to her husband.

  2. Bread egg

    Why he might probably not have given her a name is because she might be a mystery person as well, or a important person further in the story, or she is a side charictor or also a lonely charictor, but since she is the wife of the bosses son (curly) so they may beable not to call her by her original name but curly’s wife.

  3. Gemma Collings

    I think Steinbeck didn’t give Curley’s Wife a name because calling someone by their name can be a gesture of respect and a way of connecting with them. The lack of a name for Curly’s wife may suggest her isolation and loneliness from the rest of the workers and the lack of respect they have for her, and maybe because the workers are all afraid of having any kind of personal relationship with Curley’s wife because she is obviously very flirtatious and her husband is jealous and violent.


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