9z home learning – due Wednesday 8 May

Dear class,

Please remember to write your travelogue about your journey into the future by Wednesday 8 May. This was set last week by Ms Edwards and you jotted down ideas about what you might encounter during your journey.

You should aim for between 200-300 words and it should be written on A4 paper or a Word document (or Apple equivalent).

Use the following to guide your writing:

I know I am working at…

– grade E if I use some apt imaginative and technical detail. The length and structure of my sentences are varied for clarity (to show my ideas clearly) and emphasis;

– grade D if I clearly control and sequence (put into order) the events in my travelogue, anticipating the reader’s reaction to what happens. I alternate between simple and complex sentences for specific effects;

– grade C if I present the events and my persona’s* thoughts and feelings in sustained, imaginative ways with depth and detail. I deliberately design sentences for purpose and effect.

* Your travelogue should be written in the first person (I, my, etc.) and so the persona refers to you or the character you create and through whose eyes we ‘see’ the events.

Good luck!
Mr Legowski

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