Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s writing task

Please write me a 400 word article for the Chronicle on either the Marvel Franchise, Justin Bieber, or Parents’ Evening. Either email me, paste it into the box below, or write it on paper.


19 thoughts on “Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s writing task

  1. Joel Atwell

    This week I had parents evening, it was on Monday after school at about 4 o’clock. Do you like parents evening?
    Parents evening I think is really exciting, because you get to see how your teachers act around your parents. I turned up to mine and all the teachers were sucking up to my parents. This is great for the students because the teachers are saying good stuff about you but it also isn’t very professional in front of the parents them selves. It gives the parents wrong views on how their kids act at school, however it puts smiles on their faces and cannot bare to not treat the kids for their great concentration in lessons.
    Parents are so embarrassing! They say loads of nonsense to the teachers about how proud they are you and stuff. Unlucky for me though, I had abit of cake on my face and then my mum licked her finger and cleaned my face! “Mum, who does that to their 15 year old son, seriously”.
    As much as I like some points of parents evening it does have some reasons to why it’s a waste of time for both parents and teachers. I think a source of email should be introduced to parents evening. This way it saves time and by teachers sending grades and all that by email all parents have to do is log into their email and check what the teachers have sent. People we aren’t in the past now, catch up it’s the twentieth century!
    One last down side to it is that teachers tell us things all the time in class, we then go and tell our parents the good news and not so much the bad things. What’s the point in telling the parents all the same things that we tell them at parents evening?

  2. ollie hare

    Ollie hare
    Marvel films. There is lots of different films for ever person. Some of the main one are thor, captain America, iron man ,iron man 2 and also just released iron man 3. There is lots more films like hulk and avengers.
    My favourite marvel film is iron man 1. Iron Man is a 2008 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character . The film stars Robert Downey joiner ,the main pentagonist , Tony Stark, engineer who builds a powered suit and becomes an advanced superhero ,Iron Man.
    Some other marvel films are thor. The basic plot, The powerful warrior called Thor is cast out from Asgard and sent to live with humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. I have personally haven’t watch this film but most of my friends say it is amazing.
    Another great marvel film is captain America. After being called unfit for military service, captain America volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero to defending USA .
    Another amazing film is hulk, to be fair I did really like this film but some of my friends said “ I think the big green man is awesome” the film is based os research test witch goes wrong.
    Another great film avengers assemble. Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America come together for the greatest gathering of superheroes of all time. I think it was good because it was all brought together to make one big team. On of the newspaper company’s “ this is great film because there is something for everyone” this implies that the news paper like this film. The basic plot of the film is that one bad guy from asgard is trying to take over the world buts gets defeated.
    I hope this inspire you to watch the films with great interest.

  3. tilly

    Review of parents evening

    Year 10’s parents evening was on the 29th of April and is a chance for teachers to meet with parents to talk about how their son or daughter has been getting on in school and to gain a teacher parent relationship. However I do not believe it meets these aims.
    Firstly, each student has a five-minuet slot, which is either not enough time to discuss their behavior if the student isn’t well behaved, or if far too long if all they want to say is praise. Further more the time slots mean nothing, no one follows the sheet, and people jump in front or make appointments they cant get to. I understand that its not the teachers fault but when the student is well behaved there isn’t much they can say other than that they’re on target and behave well, do we really need a whole evening for that? I think the teachers should only see the students they have issues with, so that all meetings are worth it.
    I also think that our age lots of us are trying to be more independent so even if their parents know what’s happening it doesn’t really affect them. I know that personally my parents don’t act on what’s said at parents evening because they know I’ll work hard so don’t need to be involved. On the other scale there are parents who know their child isn’t achieving the grades they could yet they cant and don’t do anything. More over is the fact many parents can’t make the date and are too busy to track down each teacher for an appointment so don’t bother. I understand that some say its important for your parents to be involved in your education however at our age we’re at a stage where we don’t want our parents to be because we want that independence. If we’re not working hard enough our grades reflect that and we know that we must change but our parents being involved for me really wouldn’t help that, it may for some but for the majority it wont.
    The changes I would make to parents evening would be only appointments for subject areas of concern so that all the appointments are relevant and they don’t repeat themselves. Also I would have better organization, so having the table in an order not just a jumble of desks and tables and stricter times for each appointment.

  4. Daisy Price

    Parent’s evening is often deemed as helping to create a parent-teacher relationship and as an opportunity to raise any issues either person has. However, with last week’s parent’s evening, this wasn’t the case. I have heard many pupils and parents discus the things said last week, most of which have been criticising the mannerism of which the teachers have spoken. I, personally, had very inappropriate comments made from the teachers that had little relevance to my education or behaviour in school.

    Another criticism, which was widely spoken of, was the limited time that the teachers had to discuss the pupils. On the other hand, some teachers didn’t even have 5 minutes of talking prepared for each student which then led, inevitably, to either awkward small talk or the parent leaving the session early and standing around for three minutes waiting for the next teacher to be available, generally only to find out the teacher is behind schedule and there are three people waiting in front of you.

    Furthermore, I think it was unprofessional to have a loud, continuous beeping sound to interrupt the sessions, I understand it was a method to allow every parent an opportunity to speak to the teacher but there are better ways of going about it. On top of the fact that due to over-runs and, therefore, late starts, the beeps were interrupting the beginning of the sessions.

    Moreover, the parent’s evenings are supposed to help the parent understand the area that their child/ children are struggling in, so they can encourage us to do revision etc. but at the end of the day, our parent’s hearing what we aren’t good at, just causes argument and low self-esteem for the pupils who are being criticised. I am yet to hear of anyone who has drastically improved due to parents evening in education or behaviour. Occasionally it helps with behaviour but only for a short time, after the parents stop shouting and threatening to stop their children from doing what they want, the behaviour gets worse again.

    As a final point, after parents evening the teachers use underhand techniques to gain control of the pupils. They do this by stating how disappointed the student’s parents were and how upset they would be if they had had another report as bad as this one. This, not only embarrasses the student in front of their peers, but makes them feel resentful towards the staff which can later cause them to be hostile towards them. Overall parent’s evening isn’t reaching the standard it should be.

  5. Teagan Webster

    Parents Evening: Love or Loath?
    For most parents, parents evening is a nice opportunity to listen to what the teachers think about their children’s progress at school, their behavior, and maybe talk about changes that could be made at home to improve performance at school.

    But for some parents, parents evening is not a very good experience, hearing bad comments about their children in school time and sometimes disappointing parents in their performance or behavior. This can affect the student’s self-esteem, and maybe also change the parent’s opinions on the child, putting pressure on them to ‘be better’ at school, and maybe make changes in their home life.

    The school aims to create a calm, welcoming atmosphere for the parents to socialize with their children’s teachers. The school supplies tea, coffee and cakes for the parents to enjoy during the evening. They are also given questionnaires to keep check of the child’s overall progress at school to feedback to the teachers.

    Despite this, there is a loud beeping noise to indicate to move to the next teacher, which interrupts conversations although teachers and parents alike both do not follow the indication to move to the next teacher, and usually carry on with their conversations. This causes confusion and does sometimes not let parents have the specified amount of time with certain teachers. This can also leave some parents and students waiting long times for their next teacher appointment, which can be very inconvenient. Also, the students can get very bored when sitting there listening to their parents talking about them to their teachers, and just sitting there agreeing to what the teachers have to say about them.

    Overall, I think parents evening is a good idea to share the teacher’s opinions on their children’s progress and schoolwork. They school put a lot of effort into making it as welcoming as possible so parents feel comfortable to talk to teachers about their children. On the other hand, It could be improved by making it more organized and easier to converse with the teachers.

  6. Aimee Felton

    On Monday 29th of April was year 10 parents evening , The time of the year parents get to know the teachers views on their child, getting dragged to parents evening is the worst! have you ever been to a parents evening?
    Each student gets a 5 minute slot with their teachers, in this 5 minutes the teachers tell your parents things they would never say to you face to face in the class room, they feel they have to say good things to make your parents happy rather than telling the truth about their child. All parents want the best for their children. They want to feel that that their kids are in safe hands, that the teachers are helping them get the best grades they can and have a good relationship with the students, Do the teachers tell you the truth?

    At the parents evening you do get the couple teachers and parents that could talk forever, sit there and not move even when plenty of parents are queuing for the teacher and you have the awkward moment of trying to leave, whats the best way to bring it to a close? Perhaps look at your watch, stand up, offer your hand for shaking, look around at other parents. The student get so bored of sitting and listening to things they have heard too many times before, it pointless!

    Use email! it saves time for both parents and teachers! Everyone can go home relax, put their feet up and the read what they have to say, this would save lots of time because you wouldn’t have to wait for the over excited parents to move out of there slot at every teacher.

    if our parents were really that concerned they would see a drop in our grades and they could easily contact the teacher instead of wasting many peoples time dotting around the crammed room to each teaching for 5 minutes. Don’t forget those all-important drinks and nibbles to keep people going., the school provides tea and cakes which is the main reason the students agree the get showered in compliments.

    Overall i think parents evening is a waste of time, and should be done over email because it saves lots of time and effort, plus the teachers or parents never wanna go anyway. The appointments should only be the subjects parents are concerned about because it gives them a chance to see your parents face to face about the concern.

  7. Jess Branton

    You got Bieber Fever just from listening to one of his songs or bored out of your mind of just listening for the first 30 seconds? When are you too old to like the Biebs? Or is there a certain age limit? Love him or loathe him?

    It doesn’t matter what age you are, because everyone has their own choice of music and some people choose to listen to Justin Bieber. He started off with a unique sense of style but now he’s trailing off copying other people fashion styles for instance, Michael Jackson and his one glove on his left hand which isn’t effective nowadays in the fashion trends as this was Michael Jacksons trademark. Fair enough he started off how everyone does by singing covers of other people’s songs, but that is mainly how Justin Bieber became famous. Many people have become famous over YouTube and have many different ages of fans who have watched them sing covers of songs or posted their own songs. For example, a Justin Bieber look-a-like, Austin Mahone, Esmée Denters and Psy. From starting off from YouTube videos to world-wide concerts, Justin Biebers fan base is slowly increasing as more people are discovering him.

    One of my friends is obsessed with Justin Bieber. Like the time in Maths and in English, she would write ‘I love Justin Bieber’ on the back of the insides of her books. Another example with the same friend, in ICT we listen to music to help us concentrate with our ICT Coursework, she’s on YouTube watching Justin’s latest music videos. All I can say is that she’s 100% a Belieber.

    To admit it, Bieber even has some older fans just not younger fans and listeners. In my opinion some of his songs are really catchy, I don’t mind him really but I’m not that sort of person that who faint or scream if I met him. He’s just an ordinary person who can actually sing and has brought himself into the world by making music that some people truly appreciate.

  8. Piers

    On Free Comic Book Day 2013, Marvel Comics released a first look into its upcoming summer event: “Infinity,” by Jonathan Hickman< with art by Jim Cheung. Taking place in the far reaches of the galaxy, on a planet called Ahl-Agullo, the issue not only placed Thanos squarely in the game for the lead-up to "Infinity," but also introduced Corvus Glaive, a deadly lieutenant carrying out the will of the Mad Titan.

    As it turns out, Glaive is only the first of five dangerous and lethal beings who serve Thanos as the Cull Obsidian. In a three-part special feature, CBR News spoke with Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort about "Infinity," Thanos and his high-ranking Black Order, with Brevoort sharing details on the designs and conception of the new villains making their debut in Hickman's summer event.

    For our first installment, Brevoort covered the events of the "Infinity" FCBD issue, explaining exactly how it sets the stage for "Infinity" proper, the introduction of Corvus Glaive and the purpose of Thanos' lieutenants, looking at the structure of his scheme and when readers can expect to see more of the Mad Titan's master plan.

  9. Rhiannon

    This is a recollection of a Marvel film I watched back in 2011, which thinking about it seems like a lifetime ago. But onwards with my review of the said film (in this case, Captain America.)

    The film is set in 1942, during the time of WWII, a Nazi officer and his men invade Tønsberg, Norway, to steal a mysterious Tesseract, possessing untold powers. On the other hand in New York, Steve Rogers is rejected for military duty due to physical and health issues. Whilst attending an exhibition of future technologies with his friend Sergeant. James “Bucky” Barnes, Rogers again attempts to enlist.

    Overhearing Rogers’ conversation with Barnes about wanting to help in the war, Dr. Abraham Erskine allows Rogers to sign up. He is then recruited in the Scientific Strategic Reserve as part of a “super-soldier” experiment under Erskine, Col. Chester Phillips, and British agent Peggy Carter. Phillips is unconvinced by Erskine’s claims that Rogers is the right person for the procedure, but relents after seeing Rogers commit an act of self-sacrificial bravery. The night before the treatment, Erskine reveals to Rogers that Schmidt underwent a previous version of the procedure, and suffered the side-effects.

    Meanwhile back in Europe, Schmidt and Dr. Arnim Zola successfully harness the power of the Tesseract, intending to use the power to fuel Zola’s inventions. Schmidt, discovers Erskine’s location, and dispatches an assassin to kill him.

    In America, Rogers undergoes super-soldier treatment, which involves injecting him with a special serum and dosing him with “vita-rays”. Once Rogers emerges from the experiment successfully transformed, one of the attendees kills Erskine, revealing himself to be Schmidt’s assassin, Heinz Kruger. Rogers pursues and captures Kruger, but the assassin commits suicide by cyanide capsule before he can be interrogated.

    With Erskine dead and his super-soldier formula lost, U.S. Senator Brandt has Rogers tour the nation in a colorful costume as “Captain America” to promote war bonds, rather than allowing scientists to attempt to rediscover the formula.

    In 1943, while on tour in Italy performing , Rogers learns that Barnes’ unit was lost in a battle against Schmidt’s forces. Refusing to believe that Barnes is dead, Rogers has Carter and engineer Howard Stark fly him behind enemy lines to mount a solo rescue attempt. Rogers infiltrates the fortress of Schmidt’s HYDRA organization, freeing Barnes and the other captured soldiers. Rogers confronts Schmidt, who reveals his face to be a mask, removing it to display the red, skull-like face that earned him the name”the Red Skull.” Schmidt escapes and Rogers returns to base with the freed soldiers.

    Rogers recruits a team, including Barnes, to attack the other known HYDRA bases. Stark outfits Rogers with advanced equipment, in particular a circular shield which is made a rare, near-indestructible metal. The team successfully sabotage various HYDRA operations. The team later assaults a train carrying Zola, and is captured, but Barnes falls from the train to his apparent death. Using information extracted from Zola, the final HYDRA stronghold is located and Rogers leads an attack to stop Schmidt from using weapons of mass destruction on American cities.

    Rogers clambers aboard Schmidt’s aircraft as it takes off. During the subsequent fight, the Tesseract’s container is damaged. Schmidt physically handles the Tesseract, causing him to dissolve in a bright light. The Tesseract falls to the floor, burning through the plane and falling to Earth. Seeing no way to land the plane without the risk of detonating its weapons, Rogers crashes it in the Arctic. Stark later recovers the Tesseract from the ocean floor, but is unable to locate Rogers or the aircraft.

    Rogers awakens in a 1940s-style hospital room. Deducing from an anachronistic radio broadcast that something is wrong, he flees outside into what is revealed to be present-day Times Square in New York City, where S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury tells him he has been “asleep” for nearly 70 years.

    I believe that this is a good film because it is so ‘on edge’, and rivets from one plot to another before merging, and it is a film I’d recommend you watch, even if it is a few years ago!

  10. Alix Hopley

    Parents Evening
    Dartmouth Academy recently had their Year 10’s parents evening. This gives the parents an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress in learning and behaviour with their subject teachers. The teachers are allocated 5 minutes for each appointment with their student’s parents that the students had already booked with their teacher.
    Parent’s evening is a very helpful event in the academic diary as it helps develop a parent or carer’s understanding of their child’s report and more about their learning in individual topics. However, the short time limit of 5 minutes isn’t enough to discuss thoroughly your child’s progress. The event could improve by extending the time, whether that means extending the event over two different days or just a longer evening.
    Another advantage to attending parent’s evening is that it helps the parents or carers to understand the report system. Consequently, they can understand what they are reading about their child’s grades and behaviour and fully know what their child is doing well in and what they could improve on. The report system can be confusing to people that haven’t had to use them regularly, so it would be good for the teachers to be able to explain what they are seeing means.
    One of the things that disadvantaged the event this year was the fact that there were too little meeting slots for the large amount of people that went. Some students had to have joint meetings with other students and their families, which put even more pressure on the 5 minute time limit. This would mean that even less information on your child is being discussed and depending on yourself, you may feel uncomfortable speaking of your child’s education in front of other people other than teachers.
    To conclude, in my opinion I think that Dartmouth Academy Year 10 parents evening was good for helping parents develop a better understanding of their child’s learning and behaviour and the report system. It also helped show the parents what kind of techniques are used within the classroom to help ensure their child reaches their full ability. However, I think that the actual set-up of the event was quite crowded and was very fast- paced. This could be improved by extending the event to a longer period or two days.
    Alix Hopley

  11. Cassie

    Parents Evening: Love it or loath it?

    Whether you went to parents evening last week, last month or twenty years ago everyone has been to one, as a student or a parent. My question to you is what is there to love about parents evening and what is there to hate about it?

    Well, what is there to love? Parents get to come and see how their children are progressing and all the hard work they are putting into their school work. This gives the students a boost with their work and it lets them know the teachers are happy with how they are working, this gives parents the opportunity to understand what their children need to do to stay on top of their work, how their behaviour and attitude towards class work is. This gives teachers and parents a chance to praise the students.

    What is there to hate? Parents evening is a different story for some parents and students, parents come to school knowing their child may not be the best behaved student and their attitudes to school work may be different to others. Parents evening gives teachers the chance to be honest with parents and say how their child is behaving and the changes the student can make. Parents may find this disappointing and the student is left to feel embarrassed. The teachers and parents then put pressure on students by saying they have to work extra hard and change their focus on learning. Most people don’t like the thought of this, do you?

    For parents evening students have a five minute slot each for the teachers they want to see, this makes appointments rushed and teachers, parents and students don’t have enough time to make their opinion and the discuss the students learning in depth. People don’t even keep to their five minute slot and push in front of each other. This causes a lot of people to be rushing around, waiting for others to finish and it puts pressure on everyone.

    Overall I think parents evening is a good thing, parents get to come and see how their children are doing and what can be improved. This gives parents a chance to help students out of school to help them progress. This also gives students a chance to tell teachers what they think their main areas of weakness are, this gives students and teachers the opportunity to work on the weaknesses and help push the learning forward.

  12. Harriet

    Parents Evening , is there a point?
    At Dartmouth Academy there is a parents evening held each year to inform parents about their children’s achievements and areas that they could improve in within their learning, but is there a point? These appointments last roughly 5 minutes which hardly seems enough time for the teachers to get out everything they want to say about their students, and if your child is doing well and the teacher has no concerns then what’s the point?
    Of course there are the few kinds of students that misbehave or are not doing as well as they should but why can’t the parents of those specific learners take time to arrange one on one meetings to discuss their issues in more depth? This way it helps the learners who are struggling to get better and get the support they need and lets the ones who are already doing well spend time on their homework rather than trooping round a hall of teachers!
    Obviously it is good to form those teacher parent bonds and show interest in your child’s learning, and it also gives parents a chance to see if everything their kids come home saying is true or not! The decision on whether parents evening is worth it or not is one split very much down the middle, depending on how well the child of your concern is doing. So maybe schools should consider meeting in the middle? Have a parents evening where they don’t put as much pressure on people to make appointments if they aren’t a worry to the teacher, therefore giving teachers more time with the students they need to worry about!

  13. Mary Anne Johnson

    Parents evening. The one day a year teachers and parents have the opertunity to build up their relationships and have a chat about the progress or regress their child could be making. Questions can be answered and plans can be made for the future education of each student… but is it really as good as its made out to be?
    Firstly, is one day a year enough? Can everything about your son or daughter be summed up into a five minute slot for each subject! I think its really silly that we’re given a measly five minutes to discuss a whole subject with a teacher, even more so if your child is one that the teacher has issues with. Furthermore, whats the point in attending a whole evening just to be told everything you’re doing is great and you’re on taget? Surely this is just wasting both the teachers and the parents time? I feel as though parents evenings should be more targeted at those that the teachers are worried about as opposed to the student body in general.
    Another point I would like to mention is the standered of organisation. We students are given appointmentsheetsof which we are supposed to fill in with time slots for each of our subject teachers. There is an alarm in the hall to make sure we all abide by the time given. Despite this, the evening just gets very messy and all over the place. No one follows the alocated times as some teachers over run, some teachers rush their slot, meaning we just go over to the next available teacher. This could result in missing out on seeing a certain teacher all together. I think that is vital to make sure each teacher is fully aware of the importance of sticking to the sheet.
    More often than not, many parents cannot make the date of the evening due to work, children to look after or other plans. This means that certain parents could be unaware and uninvolved with their childs education and it is very important, of course, that they are.
    Over all, i do agree that its important to have parent involvment with the education of their son or daughter, however im not too sure parents evening always work. I believe that a better alternative would be to email home every term to discuss the progress or regress of each individual and only meet face to face if it is necessary. I think that their should also be more comments on reports to let the parents know what has been going on with their child in each subject.

  14. joshua rogers

    The marvel universe. It has impacted on many people throughout their childhood as well as their adult hood. It has spanned from just comics to movies, programmes etc. The marvel franchise has been enjoyed by thousands and thousands of people in different countries all over the world, whether it from reading the comics or watching the movies. This article will be about the marvel franchise as a whole.
    The marvel universe was originally written by a man named Stan lee. From his writing, artists began to draw all of the thousands of characters and started the franchise by selling comics books. There are thousands of superheroes and super villains of which some have never been heard of by most people. Some of the superheroes that were originally in comic books spanned out into action figures, programmes and even movies. Movies such as the iron man trilogy and the well-known avenger’s movie have grossed millions, which has helped the franchise greatly.
    In the marvel universe, there are four different types of heroes; humans that owe the power that they have to celestials, who gave them these superhuman powers. The second type of superhero in the marvel universe is the non-human race. These are the so- called mutants, humans that have evolved and grown to become more superior to the average human race. These include people like Cyclops, wolverine and magneto. The third type are supernatural creatures. These include gods, demons and vampires. The gods are people like Thor and Loki, the brother gods who wage war, using earth as there battleground. The fourth and final type is cosmic entities. These are beings of unbelievably great power, so powerful that the weakest entity can destroy planets.
    The franchise has sold millions and millions of merchandise, from t-shirts to action figures. The franchise has made billions from people buying the licensing to sell the product as well as them buying the products to sell.
    Overall, the franchise has immensely well and will hopefully be enjoyed by millions to come.

  15. Georgia

    Dartmouth Academy’s Parents Evening
    An annual event ‘parents evening’ has occurred recently for the year 10 students and parents benefits at Dartmouth Academy. But what is the point in this?

    Although this event helps the parents to have an insight on what subjects their children are achieving in and what they could improve in there is very mixed feelings and thoughts about it. Some think it is of a great benefit, others don’t. Although it may be helpful for those students that are less able than others, the students that excel in learning don’t feel that it is necessary.

    Moreover I think that it would be beneficial for those learners that are excelling in learning to not have to participate in this event; furthermore they could be concentrating on their studies or homework during this time at home. These students have to sit through around 10 different teachers saying pretty much the same type of thing; it is pointless in this case. Although it is important for those teacher-parent bonds to form, why should students have to waste their time when teachers have no concern about them?

    On the other hand, for those students that are a cause of concern for the teachers, I then think it is necessary for their parents to arrange a meeting with their child’s teachers. However this could be done personally through email for example rather then taking up a whole evening. Furthermore this would help to inform the parent of the worries made by the teacher and what could be done to overcome them. Although the student usually dislikes this, it is also beneficial for them even though they might not think so. It allows them to know what they can do to improve their learning and what strategies that they could use. In this case ‘parents evening is very important!

    To conclude there is very mixed approaches to ‘parents evening ’, some negative some positive. Why don’t you decide what suits your child best?

  16. James

    Marvel: Are you too old for comics ?
    Were you a child once? Then chances are you probably read a Marvel comic. Spider man, Fantastic four, Captain america, The Hulk, the list goes on and on. Regardless of which one you read you definitely enjoyed them. Of course by now you`re all grown up and people will tell you that you`re to old for comics. In my opinion you`re not and I will tell you why.

    You should never stop enjoying your childhood memories regardless of how old you get. Marvel comics are a thing to be enjoyed with their likable characters , intriguing plots, stylized art and of course, blazing action scenes. They are aimed at people of all ages, it`s children who seem to take a liking to them the most and this is why people call it childish to read them.

    When you read a Marvel comic you really can`t help but get lost in within it. The way the story and all the scenes progress in such a gripping manner make you want to turn that page and continue reading. The heroes and their plight are often quite convincing , they are crafted in a way that makes you want to see what happens to them and how they develop into the hero that saves the day.

    You are never too old to read a Marvel comic. It`s good to immerse yourself in that lost world of your childhood .Rediscover all that enjoyment all over again and ignore the words of the boring,heartless and rubbish old people who tell you otherwise.

  17. Meg Hallett

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber, 19, a Canadian teen singer and song writer, a pop music artist, that was a role model and a dream future husband for many teenage girls, has recently been in the news for having possession of drugs. The young star was found to have the possession of drugs hidden in his tour bus. Although this isn’t the only reason for being popular with the media recently, he was also caught trying to smuggle his pet monkey onto a plane! I surprised they didn’t turn him away as soon as he got to the airport, him and the monkey look very alike, taking into the account the phrase ‘ owners do look like their pets’.

    Despite the fact I’ve started on a bad note, Justin Bieber did visit the Anne Frank museum to pay his respects and visits the popular historic house. As every visitor to the museum does, they enter their name into the guest book, printing their name and perhaps a message. Bieber’s entry saying “Anne was a great girl. ­Hopefully she would have been a belieber”. This careless act of his has been slated by the media,
    and most people must of winced at the comment just like anybody else.

    Just last night he was caught speeding six times, in a white Lamborghini in California. That’s being a good role model! His young fans are being taught that this is okay.

    Although he is young and maybe naive, he is experimenting with different things, He needs to think more about what he doing. Being just 19, and having the media follow and record your every move must be hard. I’ll give hike that. But in my opinion, he’s not doing himself any good.

  18. Lucy Iona Stone

    Parents evening at Dartmouth Academy is an opportunity for parents of the pupils to take a look in on how their son/daughter is doing in school. Tea and cake is served, along with comments and advice on the pupil’s performance with in the classroom environment.
    But why do we need parents evening?
    Parents evening is somewhat essential for parents, as they only see their children at home. Also, their children aren’t going to give them an update of their school life in this day and age when they come home. What goes on in school isn’t something a teenager would want to talk about once they are at home and away from it all. When we teens do happen to tell our parents about our school day, it is mostly the social aspects of it, and almost never the educational aspects.
    Furthermore, Parents evening gives parents a chance to get acquainted to the men and women teaching their son/daughter on a daily basis. Not knowing who helps your children during school must be quite disconcerting for a parent. Who wouldn’t want to get to know the people who are preparing your kids for the toughest part of their budding education, the exams? I know I would.
    However, due to the fact that I, myself, have experienced parents evening, it can on some occasions be quite embarrassing to sit and watch your parents listen to the way you act at school in comparison to how you do at home. After all, aren’t most of us teens completely different in the school environment as to how we are at home? Again, I know I am.
    In addition, some parents rarely ever get a chance to talk to their children about school due to the possibility of after school clubs and or the need to relax together as a family without the necessity of re-living their work or school day. Parents evening is that one evening when the main topic is school, and parents can catch up with other parents and their children can catch up with other from their year (mostly to complain about the evening itself and account on the embarrassment of being stuck with parents and teachers, two very strong authorities in their life)
    To conclude, parents evening is a great opportunity for parents to get to know the founders of their children’s knowledge and educational choices, and also to catch up on how they themselves can help their child improve via the familiar setting of home. Parent’s evening is important in a parents and a child’s life as it means that they have other ways of communicating problems with teachers if they should have any concerns about the wellbeing of their child at school. Parents evening strengthens communication and helps the solution to problems with their child become clear using an annual discussion between parents and teachers.

  19. Bread egg

    The event that just happened was parent’s evening, the day, Monday, and parent’s evening is not just about the stupendous cakes but about recoiling what’s happening in the future and telling what happened in the past, why does this event happen, it is for you to what to improve on.

    The teachers that I was seeing to is: Mr Legowski, subject: English, he told me and my mum that I need to improve on my writing and words and saying to reed more, second, Mr Clooney, subject, maths, and he said that I was good at maths keep improving.

    The third one is Miss Morby, subject, P.E, she said I am doing great and keep up the hard work,fourth, mr pain, subject, P.E, and he said that keep doing what you do but you must come to it6 to complete work for to catch up with the rest of the class.

    Fith and sixth, Mr Rule and Mr Read,subject, scince both,Mr rule (1) said that I need to complete some assessments same with 2 (Mr Read) they both said that my knowledge is Magnificent but it is nothing to do with that topic.

    Next is Mr Purcell, subject, informational teqnolagly, he said that I’m going at a good pace and to keep going at the good pace plus Purcell said my work was at a good standard.

    And last, Miss Buckland, subject, food technology, she said that my work is ok but I need (me) to complete my work.

    { There might be a bit of a problem with spellings as well as the amount of context but there was not a lot to do but alest I tried. 🙂 }


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