Mr Legowski’s 9z assessed home learning – due Wednesday 1 May

Dear class,

Please remember that the home learning this week will be assessed and will help me to determine your Working At Grade (WAG) in your next report.

Answer the following question in five (5) P.E.E paragraphs: How is language used in the Ewan McGregor text and one other travel text (from the examples given below) to get the writers’ ideas, opinions and experiences across.

We looked at the Ewan McGregor text in our lesson but here are two other travel texts you can write about. Remember, your focus is on the use of language, i.e. words, that the writers have decided to use.

Down Under – Bill Bryson

Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman – Long Way Round

Michael Palin – New Europe

If you would benefit from extra help to enable you to complete this task to he very best of your ability, why not come to English Club in the English block at lunchtime?

The deadline for this task is Wednesday 1 May.

Mr Legowski


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