Essential learning for Sixth Form GCSE English – due Thursday 25 April

The following Of Mice and Men tasks must be completed in full by Thursday 25 April:

1. A video presentation (head and shoulder shot only) of you discussing whether Curley’s wife is a sympathetic or likeable character.
– You must speak for between three and five minutes without reading from a script.
– Make references to examples and evidence from the text to support the statements you make.
– Root your comments in the context (the historical, economic and social background) of the novel.
– Come to a conclusion – do not be ambivalent, though you may still consider opposing points of view in the main body of your presentation.

2. Complete a detailed character mind-map for each of the following characters: George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks, Curley’s wife, Curley and Slim. The comments in your mind-map must be clear, concise and correct. You must also support every statement you make with at least one piece of evidence from the novel.

3. Complete the mock GCSE exam I will email you separately. It’s a good idea to spend the correct (examination) amount of time on this paper, i.e. 35 minutes. For questions a) and b), you must write three (3) PEE paragraphs and spend ten (10) minutes on each question; for c), you must write four (4) PEE paragraphs and spend fifteen (15) minutes on this question.

Please make sure you have all of the above tasks with you when you come to Thursday’s lesson.

Mr Legowski


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