Of Mice and Men student tutorials – Yr 11 Lit/Lang

The list to sign up for your preferred topic for your tutorial is on the Google Doc attached to the link below. It is first come, first served so get in quick to get what you want!


How will it work?

1. In your groups, you will research your chosen topic and then together write an essay of no less than 500 words addressing the question in hand.
2. The essay must be emailed to Mr Legowski and the whole class (see ‘PLE’s Year 10’ in the Outlook address book) one week before your group’s tutorial. You must also send a reading list (the books and websites you used in your research) to the class along with your essay.
3. Mr Legowski and the class will then have a week to read the essay and also the sources of information you used to write it. This will enable everyone to think of questions to interrogate (in the most positive sense!) the points you have made in the essay during the tutorial.
4. The tutorial will start with the group introducing the topic to the class, explaining their approach to the task and giving a short summary of the essay and their stance on the topic.

By approaching the OMaM revision in this way, it will allow each group of students to become ‘experts’ on a particular aspect of the novel and yet still become knowledgeable about other parts through the research and interrogation of the other groups. This is going to be good!

Mr Legowski


One thought on “Of Mice and Men student tutorials – Yr 11 Lit/Lang

  1. Holly

    I’m just going to comment on this if that’s okay?
    How much does Steinbeck allow us to find out about the characters through their dialogue (the things they say)?
    I think my group ( me and Polly) have found the topic and our question fairly easy, on completion of it I think its a good question to illustrate the importance of Steinbeck’s way in which he portrays the characters through what they say. There are aspects of this question which are difficult, its really a case of finding the right words to put on the paper because I know what I mean, but half of the time others don’t! Anyway I’m glad Polly joined me because she has a good angle on the question that I wouldn’t have thought of. Knowing the importance of the dialogue is crucial in getting a good grade, I hope our essay gets the point across for everyone 🙂


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