Year 9 – Mr Bakewell 17 April

Sorry this is late folks – technical issues earlier.
I was asking for your SMART targets for English writing skills this term – what do you know you need to improve upon and how are you going to get better?


12 thoughts on “Year 9 – Mr Bakewell 17 April

  1. jordan Thorpe

    My targets are to remember to do paragraphs when writing and to add more detail and description to non-fiction writing. I need to remember to make an effort to do both of these in lessons and during homelearning.

  2. Elizabeth Gosden

    My targets are that I need to make sure that when i write stories the whole thing connects and add more detail and do my home learning. I need to remember to do my home learning and make more of an effort in the lessons and listen to how I can do this when sir explains.

  3. Olivia

    My target is to CRAFT my language with more precise adjectives and verbs (doing words). I need to use different adjectives and verbs in my writing instead of all the simple words that everyone remembers.

  4. Josh m

    My target is to join up my writing and present my work more neatly. I will achieve this by practising my joined up writing and taking more time on presentation. I will aim to achieve this in both school work and home learning activities.

  5. Nell

    my target is to improve my handwriting . i will achieve this target by practising my writing and making letter shapes more uniform.

  6. Louis R

    My target is to become more confident when speaking infront of people i will achieve this by practising to speak more infront of my friends and small groups then working my way up.

  7. james c

    I need to work on the accuary of my spellings; i will do this by having a set emount of words to practice a week and then constantly write them again and again.

  8. Joe mckeown

    my target is to improve on my P.E.E paragraph layout and to improve on be more creative and be faster at thinking of an idear for what im going to write and this is gonna be done by practising on pee paragraphs and focusing more in lesson to make it easy on thinking on what im going to write.

  9. alex

    my target is to focus in class and to listen to what is being said. I am on report so hopefully that will help me become more cooperative

  10. Lucy

    I am not sure what a my SMART target is, but the target on my english page is to plan and prepare my points more thoroughly. I will do this by writing key points before starting a piece of work and thinking about it instead of rushing straight in. I will do this in english lessons.

  11. Erin

    By the end of term I want to use a better range of vocabulary. I can do this by looking up words in a therosaurus.


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