Mr Legowski’s Yr 10 home learning (10y & 10×1) – due Tuesday 30 April

Following your attempt at answering a question from the Of Mice and Men GCSE paper, your home learning is as follows:

In the comments box below, write down the steps you must take (what you need to research/learn/do) to write better answers to the exam questions. You should aim to write roughly 200 words to properly explain the steps you need to take.

I shall scan the exam paper and the marking scheme into this post as soon as I can (I am unable to do so from an academy computer).

The deadline for this task is 24 April (10y) and 30 April (10×1).


19 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s Yr 10 home learning (10y & 10×1) – due Tuesday 30 April

  1. Josie

    I think I need to firstly l need practise working under time, as I find it quite difficult to finish question before the end of exams. I also need to highlight key words, quotes etc before I answer the questions, I think this will help me with my time managment. I also need to read the question a few times to make sure I know what I’m answering. This make also make the questions cleaer for me.

  2. Humphreys

    While reading the story from an exam paper, I need to start underlining/highlighting words/sentences to help me to answer the questions. Also writing a few of words, for example: gesture, tone of voice and bidy movement, next the story to improve my writing in the paragraphs. Last point is to make sure I read the questions right and to re-read my writing to make sure i have enough points and if it makes sense.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Your penultimate point – ‘make sure i have enough points’ – is something that most students need to aim for. Remember, for a) and b) questions you need to write three (3) PEE paragraphs; it’s four (4) PEEs for question c). Thanks Ruben.

  3. Bread egg

    You need to write a lot to even complete one question, that’s one thing that I struggle with meaning that I don’t write the amount of words that is provided, another one is when I answer the first question (a) but putting the next question (b) in the same answer, also I take a lot of time reading the question, meaning that I haft to read it over and over again.
    I have to underline the important words to give me a clear view what to write.
    What I need to improve on is to read my writing: put more punctuation in, to make it make sence and to make it more interesting- to use my time well and last put in word that move me forwards such as: tone, protective and voise.

  4. Sam Burgers

    To better answer the exam questions I would firstly look into the characters in more depth. I would do this by re-reading the book and making notes on the story. This would help us in the understanding of the background of each character and help us answer questions in more detail. By understanding each character and their role and relationships in the book we can discuss and debate in greater detail. Also by re-reading the book we an use references and quotation to support our answer.

    By practicing answering old papers we can learn how to structure our answers correctly using our method of P.E.E+E. I think that we all agree that reading the question properly and understanding what they want from you as an answer is very important.

    To maximise your knowledge before you enter an exam revising thoroughly will give you confidence to aid you in answering the questions. In the exam I would also plan the structure and answer to make sure that it flows correctly.

  5. Jake billings

    In order to gain better results in my exams I will practice my spellings so that I can get higher marks for the spelling side of the mark scheme. I will also practice PEE paragraphing as paragraphing is essential for obtaining above an E grade, this will also add marks for content as it includes more detail.

  6. Georgia

    To improve at my exam writing skills i need to work beeter under time. I struggled to write 3 pee paragraphs in the time given and i think this would effect my grade in the exam due to me rushing the last paragragh. Morover i need to make sure i read the question properly to make sure i dont go off topic and stick directly to the question given.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Two valid points, Georgia. Timing IS important and so regular practice at mock GCSEs is necessary. And underlining key words in each question will hopefully help you to remain focused on what you’re being asked to answer and not go off-task.

  7. Harriet

    i need to be able to structure my answers better, make sure i have valid points that i can expand on. But my main focus would be on time. I need to allow myself enough time to be able to complete all parts of the question to the best on my ability. To get the best marks i need to take both of these points into consideration and structure my writing so that it will give me enough time to answer all the questions in the time given.

  8. tom davies

    For me to be able to get a good marks? I will need to work on my structure, in the the way of using language and punctuation. Not only do I think off them three main points but actually looking for key points in a question and how many marks a question maybe. I personally think structure and punctuation will be key for me to get marks. Because structuring my writing will help give me time to answer other questions and that will help with the final mark, secondly punctuation is like a G grade skill, so getting the right punctuation will help get marks also.

    ps. i wasn’t sure what the homework was so i took a guess from other peoples comments.

  9. Jane

    When I read the extract I need to underline points that will be useful for a) and read through the extract more than once so that I understand it fully, and then do the same for b). Also I need to pick out quotes which are more relevant to the question that I am answering and make sure that I am putting the correct quote with the questions. And l also need to use the time I have to re read what I have written so it makes sence.

  10. Micah

    To improve at my exam writing skills I need to write quicker in the time Im given because the last I struggled to write 3 pee paragraphs in the time given and i think this would effect my grade in the exam. Also I should re-read the extract at least twice so I understand the story, also I need to use quotes which are more relevant to the question. and also to make sure i have a valid point so I can expand on it and finally i need to make sure I have enough time to re-read it at the end so that it makes sence.

  11. CallumJSlaney

    The first thing I do is to try and under stand the topic / question I am supposed to do. then wright quick notes to get an idea of the topic / question so I have 1 note per paragraph, when I start to wright the paragraph I always try to stay on the note that I have written by looking back and forth when I start to get confused. when writing the paragraphs I will need to try and keep track of time E.G. 10 – 15 minuets for the first and second question and 30 minuets to answer the 3 questions so I will have to plan out my time carefully so that I will have some time left at the end to check my answers.

  12. amy

    To improve i need to high light words and quotes in the text as I find it hard to find things to write about, I need to re read the question and text to make sure i know what to write about because I struggle to understand the writing and the question. I need to plan each paragraph. I also need to re-read what i have wrote to make sure it makes sence. And try to write more in the time given because I struggle to write enough

  13. tilly

    For me to improve my grade i need to pick out key words and look at the authors language choices within the text. Another skill i need to concentrate on is my my time management so i can write enough in the time given, without missing key points but sill not over doing some questions and have parts lacking in others.


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