Mr Legowski’s 11y home learning – due Wednesday 20 March

Write a plan to tackle the following controlled assessment task:

Write an article for a newspaper in which you persuade readers about festivals or fairs from a specific point of view.

You should spend almost as much time on your plan as you will spend on writing the controlled assessment itself. Why? How? Firstly, the planning stage is where all your ideas are formulated, including ideas about audience (who you’re writing for), purpose (what you hope to achieve by writing the review), as well as the content (what’s in it) and style (how it’s going to be written).

You should make sure your plan includes reminders to use certain punctuation marks (the basics – capital letters and full stops – as well as well as question marks, exclamation marks – use sparingly! – brackets and dashes). You should create a word bank in your plan, full of interesting adjectives and adverbs. How about a reminder to use rhetorical devices such as rhetorical questions, personal pronouns, facts’n stats, anecdotes, and so on?


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