Mr Legowski’s 10y2 home learning – due Monday 18 March

How useful was the forum theatre activity in today’s lesson in helping you to understand how the passage from the play should be acted?

Write your comments (between 150 – 200 words) in the box below before Monday’s lesson.

Mr Legowski


13 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10y2 home learning – due Monday 18 March

  1. Humphreys

    How useful was the forum theatre activity in today’s lesson in helping you to understand how the passage from the play should be acted?
    The people in my class who acted out the lines from Shakespearce made the story more understanding, for example when you (Mr Legowski) started to read out the lines, the class and I spotted that he wasn’t performing in the right way, because he didn’t use any body movements and didn’t change the tone of your voice. By using body movements and tone of voice, makes the audience realise/know what character you are acting.

  2. Micah Manoj

    Last lesson we were acting out how question B in a exam paper would be acted. This really helped me cause when I see something visually I can remember it better and it helped me understand on how you would write it in in actual exam. Also it helped me to understand the extract better when I able to tell them what they have to do to make it look realistic. Finally it was helpfull to me because I understood why it should be like that there why they should talk like why they should stand and look like how they should go and I was able to help me say the reason why, and when I do my another mock exam this will help get a better mark.

  3. CallumJSlaney

    English H/L

    I would say that I liked that lesson because acting really helps your physical and mental understanding of the play and on how to act out each roll in the script/play I would also like to introduce that when you start to act the roll of another person than you must become the character so you must act like him/her think like him/her and know what is going on through the mind of the character you are playing. To get into the roll of the character the first thing you must do is to grab some courage and start to understand the play and what characters have a part to be in that perticuler scene. To me I think that each character must have a roll in the scene to be able to even be in that scene. “unless their just background characters” During that lesson on Friday I really increases my understanding of the play and on how the characters would have proformed while in the the pay by using body language, facial expressions and voice projection, each of these three elements are very important in acting because by using body language you are showing the audience what is going on with your character with out talking. Facial expressions are used to counteract the body language and to help out to show what feeling your character is feeling rather that’s it is a joyful feeling or a miserable feeling that no one likes. And the last one is voice projection were you will have to propell your voice so tat evry one can hear you from the back of the audience and so that you are not just fooling around with your words.

    I hope my words have helped you to under stand the acting of a character and how it’s done.

  4. Amy

    I found the lesson useful because we got to see the extract being acted. But I still find it difficult to write about it.

  5. Simon.M.P

    Last lesson help me to see how skespeares charichers act (what they said, movement, expressions and tone). It also got people involved making it interesting and easier to listen to as well giving you ideas what it was like in that era. I sit back and watch giving a image and understanding shacspear.

    sorry about the spelling and the amount of wighting. 😐

  6. Gemma Collings

    I found the lesson useful because the whole class got involved and it help me to see how it would be performed in the play but when i came to writing about it i couldn’t think how to write it and it would be helpful if we could do the question as a class so i would know what to write about it or something

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Of course, Gemma. I think, in fact, doing forum theatre THEN following it up with me modelling how to answer a ‘typical’ question b) THEN the students doing a real question b) based on the extract we performed is an excellent idea. Mr Legowski

  7. emily hodge

    tyhis lesson was very helpful for me it helped me have better understanding of the merchant of venice, it also gave me the chance to give others actors some constuctive critism even though at the time i was doing my sponsored silence! it aslo helped me with completing the homework it gave me the ideas that i just had to put onto a peice of paper!

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, Emily. Not only was the forum theatre lesson designed to help you understand what’s required from a speaking and listening role-play perspective but, perhaps even more crucially, to enable you to answer question b) in the exam more effectively. Mr Legowski

  8. Leah

    The forum theatre activity was very useful as it helped me get a better understanding of not only the characters but the language was easier to understand especially when the actors use body language and hand gestures. I also thought it was a good idea to give people constructive criticism about their acting and what they could do to improve. Being the director was useful for me as well because it boosts my speaking and listening skills up and made me more confident when speaking in front of the class. By doing this activity it helped me understand the scenes more because as a class we split up what each character had said and put it in to an easier form for young people to understand also by doing this we had to fit hand and body gestures with the lines which again made it even easier to understand.
    I think we should do this activity more often because it is extremely helpful and I think it is a good way to warm up and get into acting.


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