11y’s essential home learning – due Friday 15 March

1) Write your examples and explanation of the language in your given passage in the comments box below. (Minimum 100 words and at least two examples for each ‘show’ reviewed in the article.)

2) Write a better plan. Use my template here as a guide to write your own plan but you must include specific points/comments/statements about the texts (e.g. personal pronouns in The Guardian, e.g. “If you’re luck with the weather…“) and examples from the texts.

This is essential for your controlled assessment at the end of this week so the deadline is Friday 15 March.

Mr Legowski


3 thoughts on “11y’s essential home learning – due Friday 15 March

  1. Kit Treais

    My festival was festival 2 – Imagine Toi – There is a lot of descriptive language used in this part. One good part is when he discribes the show as “Wordless family show is a magical creation which”. “Wordless Family Show” gives the reader the right audience as it is for families. Also Wordless could mean that is it so good there is no way describing it. Also when the writer says “Warning additional characters are played by members of the audience” this gives a joke to the target audience. People who read the guardian are normally intellectuals who have been to university educated.

  2. jamie greeno

    I was doing festival 2 imagine toi. in this piece of text the writer uses humour ‘Taking my number at the end but he still hasn’t called’, the writer gives a joke: humour is an easy way to get a point across, without offending anyone, it was also a good way of light entertainment, no one could deny a good opportunity to laugh. The writer also uses an anecdote ‘My son was mortified when I was picked to be the princess’, the writer uses their personal experience to try and persuade their audience in to going to the festival.

  3. Aaron Bamforth

    I was doing festivals 3 Brazil! Brazil!, underbelly. This text tells you that ‘This show is phenomenon’ and it will excite your kids with ‘football skills and buff gymnasts’ that will appeal to all ages over 5. There is a list ‘music, the martial art / dance form capoeira, and football.’ The text also refers to you ‘This show is phenomenon and unlike anything else you’ll see at the fringe’ is a personal pronoun to make the reader think the writer is talking to them personally. ‘small boy’s will be open-mouthed’ tells the reader that the event is for children but specifically boys. This is just some of the language in the Guardian text.


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