Yr 11 Lit/Lang (recommended) home learning – due Thursday 14 March

You’ve got off to a flying start with your Spoken Language Study assessment – well done! Now let’s have some mid-task reflection: what has been the smartest point you have made in your essay so far? Write your answer in the comments box below.

Enjoy your weekend.
Mr Legowski


10 thoughts on “Yr 11 Lit/Lang (recommended) home learning – due Thursday 14 March

  1. Lorna

    My smartest point in my Spoken Language Study assessment was that the purpose of the transcript was for the teacher to educate the students about what school was like in her day.

  2. Naomi

    My most intelligent point I have meade in my spoken language essay so far is that in the Lancashire teenage casual conversation, the boys use incomplete utterances as a way to get the other boys to finish their sentence almost as a way to show agreement.

  3. Kirsty

    My smartest point in my controlled assessment was that in the Liverpool discussion they influence the way each other speak as they may seem ‘uncool’ if they don’t talk like each other.

  4. Emily

    I can’t think of a smart point that I made but I think that i have mentioned how in the Lancashire transcript, there is incomplete utterances that are used when the boys are looking for conformation of their statement from lther speakers.

  5. Elouisa

    The smartest point I have made in my Spoken Language essay so far is something along the lines of that the colloquial dialect that the teenagers from Lancashire use in the spontaneous transcript is accessible to the audience, escpecially other teenagers.

  6. Lucy

    The smartest point I’ve made would be that the use of slang and contractions the teenagers use in the Lancashire transcript could be influenced by the technology used nowadays and the use of social networking sites, as this could effect how they speak.

  7. polly

    My smartest point was that the speaker’s use questions is used to encourage other speakers to respond and therefore fill more time on the recording.

  8. Megan

    My smartest point was that sometimes the teacher (in the Liverpool transcript) speak using dialect which can be more easily understood by the students, and more casual.. Such as “yeah” instead of ‘yes’

  9. Rebekah

    My smartest point was that although the audience of the Lancashire conversation was the teenagers they still altered the way they spoke as they knew they were being recorded.


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