Year 7 English – What makes a good story?

Some fantastic discussion in class about stories that we have read and what makes us want to read on.

You must now choose the one thing that you think is key to making a ‘good story’. Please write your answers in the comment box below.

By Monday 11th March

Miss Durman


13 thoughts on “Year 7 English – What makes a good story?

  1. lucybranton

    I think that a Good Story-line is what makes a story a good one- and a good title of course, but if you pick up a book with a really cool title on the front and start reading it and on the first paragraph it says something on the lines of: “her name was Bella and she went to the park and she found a magic stone and it took her to sweety land and she got lost and she rubbed the stone and it took her back to bed the end”- you would’nt want to read it. You would want a book that grabs your attention from the very start, so that is why I think great Story-lines make a great story.

  2. Jonah Hughes

    Adding to what Lucy Branton said, the first chapter needs to have a good exciting start to intreage the reader instead of the steriotypical: once there was a girl called Mitilda. she lived in a castle ect.
    Most people would not want to read this if the start was this.

  3. Tom Cobain

    I think a good story is one that drops you in the deep end, when you don’t know who anyone is so it keeps you interested and does not have a predictable story line.👽

  4. Beth pyne

    I think that speech makes a good story, because you know what a person is thinking or saying!!! And i also think that magical things are good because on minute there playing on there ipod and the next, they are in danger of being eaten by a witch in a forest!!!!

  5. Abbi :)

    A good story needs an interesting story line and imagination. If a story does not have these things than it will be useless and dull. 🙂

  6. jenna thompson

    i think good vocabulary and lots of interesting things that happen – like an important character dies. plus an interesting title to make the reader want to read on.


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