Year 8/2 ‘Holes’ – Home Learning – Due in 27th February 2013

Now you have been introduced to the Warden in chapters 13-15 in the novel. What do you think Stanley’s first impressions might have been? Write a letter home to Stanley’s parents telling them about his meeting with the Warren.
If you need any help please come and see me at lunch break on Tuesday 26th February.
Mrs Robinson

2 thoughts on “Year 8/2 ‘Holes’ – Home Learning – Due in 27th February 2013

  1. kurtis elliott

    Dear Mom,

    Today i met the warden, who is a woman! she is a freckly red head with dark red nails. She wears cowboy gear with her sleeves rolled up. She seems nice but i think she only being nice because she wants something but i dont know what. It would be nice to hear from you.


  2. Grace Glanvill

    Dear mom,
    Today I saw the warden, who is actually a woman! She has lovely red hair and a really cool cowboy hat and shoes with small emeralds on them, so I am guessing that she is rather wealthy.
    She is really nice and the thing that shocked me a little was that she already knew my name! And I have never even met her, plus she wants us to find something but i don’t know what, so I’m going to keep on searching.

    write back soon,


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