Yr 11 Lit/Lang class discussion evaluations

Please use the comments box below to evaluate your contribution to the discussions that took place in Friday’s lesson. You should explain what you think you did well and, as important, what you must do next time in order for your mark to improve. Speaking of marks, use the GCSE criteria I have emailed you to give yourself a band/mark. Remember, 10/16 is the pass mark but only 12/16 and above will guarantee at least a B for each individual speaking and listening assessment.


17 thoughts on “Yr 11 Lit/Lang class discussion evaluations

  1. Megan

    During the discussion in Fridays lesson, I observed Emily Littlejohns’s contribution. She started off in the conversation well, making a point about the Essex accent. She explained that some people from Essex are judged on their accent which makes them come across as ‘dumb’. She then ended her point by saying, ‘Don’t you agree?’ This shows that she is continuing the conversation, and involving other people, and inviting them to expand on her points. She also responded well to other people’s points by saying things such as ‘I agree’ etc, this shows off her listening skills. In my opinion, she could have contributed a little more to the conversation, some of her responses were brief, and could have been expanded, for example, she often responded with ‘yeah’ as an answer. She could have used more complex vocabulary, such as words like ‘dialect’ and ‘accents’ more. Other than that, she was very good, with clear and confident points 🙂

  2. Lorna

    I focussed on Aaron. He had some very good points such as ‘We all judge people because of their accents’ he also elaborated on Josh’s points. He also related some of his points to a real life situation for example ‘The Only Way Is Essex labels people as being thick and rich but you take Mr Payne who is from Essex, he’s not thick or rich’ this was a good point. Aaron mostly carried on from Naomi or Josh’s points but then went into more detail about that point. He gave his own opinion which was about Russell Brand which was that ‘Although Russell Brand speaks Estuary English you wouldn’t think he would because of the way he dresses’. Although he gave positive points he also gave some negative points about the topic. When Aaron wanted to say a point he would say it even if it meant telling Naomi and Josh to shut up.

    I just observed Aaron so I didn’t really do much but then I listened to the group discussion which was really good and there were some really good points made. I then told the group what Aaron did well and what he didn’t do so well within the group discussion. I then listened to the other observers give their feedback. I would give myself a 7 or 8 out of 16, in order to get a 10 or 11 I need to speak for longer and in more detail about the task set.

  3. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    Thanks for the very detailed feedback of Aaron’s contribution to his group’s discussion. You’ve provided lots of relevant points and have even put in some explicit examples – well done, Lorna! It’s also great that you’ve been able to mark yourself using the GCSE criteria and then identify ways of improving your mark.

  4. Emma

    During the discussion on Friday’s lesson, I observed Sam Pershing. At the beginning of the discussion he seemed to listen what others had to say and as the discussion went on he seemed to become more involved. He developed his answers by using his own experiences, and brought in new points for the group to discuss. Also with the points he made he tried to think of examples to give evidence for what he was saying, which was good. He also agreed with what people had to say although didn’t seem to develop them because others took over and spoke, so maybe to improve he could try and be more dominant (take the lead) when he has a point he wants to say, so he can develop his answers more. Other than that he seemed to show an understanding of the topic and develop most of the points he said, by using specialist vocabulary. When they started the debate again he seemed more focused on the discussion and took more of a lead within the group.
    As I was observing Sam I didn’t really speak much, although I did give feedback to him when the discussion had stopped. But even so didn’t speak that much as I had already got a good mark for this speaking and listening and others needed to boost their grade.

  5. Elouisa

    I understand that in Friday afternoon’s discussion my main weakness was that I did not contribute enough. I believe that my ideas and notes were valid but my issue was that I did not know exactly when to speak so I allowed the other members of the group to talk the most. Furthermore, for these reasons I would grade my contribution with band 2, mark 5. I am disappointed with my poor contribution and in order to improve I should prepare myself more so that I have more points to encourage me to speak, and to feel more confident in talking within my group. However, I thought that my points were relevant and they helped me a lot to refer to when I did contribute. Also, I felt that my listening skills were good as I listened well to the group discussion without too many distractions.

  6. Sam E

    In the lesson I didn’t really contribute at all, however I did watch Leanne :O ! In my notes I have put the following:
    She used an example of accents and the history of the Birmingham accent, and that it was due to being from the Industrial Era. Showing that she has knowledge of the subject – she also sustained conversation for a little while.
    However there was a prolonged period of silence during the conversation from Leanne, she also didn’t look engaged, and didn’t look at the people who were talking.
    Later in the conversation she did try to talk again, but was muffled by other loader speakers in the group – she needed to project her voice and put across her points.
    Additionally, she was the first to speak when the table asked if there were any more points to be made, so again she made another contribution, and even made a good point in the process.
    Overall, she was reserved in the conversation and even though she did peak slightly, she didn’t stand out in the group.
    I give her: 8/16

  7. Izzy

    In the group discussion I was observing the group dynamics. I found that the main leaders of the discussion was Naomi and Josh I found that Josh mainly asked questions and Naomi responded but Josh would then build on this response. I did not see much difference between the girls and boys as Aaron and Josh contributed just as much as Naomi Leanne and Lucy. Although I do believe the boys included some more intellectual points whereas the girls used more humour. I also found that Josh would finish peoples sentences and sum it up as they were coming to an end of what they were saying. Therefore overall I believe I observed the group well but I should have written more developed notes for when I was feeding back to make it easier for me. I give myself 11/16 as I was not part of the discussion and got distracted and interrupted whilst feeding back. Next time I should try not to rise up to the distractions!

  8. Sam p

    I think the discussion went well because the answers were very complex and well answered. I thought that when someone had made a comment on something they would give a well thought out comment and then they would elaborate themselves. The only problem was that there was not much to say so when people gave their answers that’s all they could say because they couldn’t think of anything else. I thought that the discussion was alright but most of the time it would turn into a debate which some people didn’t want to happen.

  9. Alicia

    During this lesson i was observing Josh. I thought that Josh was a very good speaker as he started the discussion by bringing in his ideas giving the others something they could lead on from or iprove on. He also tried to make sure that everyone was involved during the discussion. By doing this helped to improve the grades of others aswell as his own. Inorder to get people involved he was always asking questions when the discussion ran out of ideas so that the others could think of new ideas and contribute more. Josh also questionned the students that were just sat there not contributing that muchby saying “what do you think”. Everytime the conversation finished Josh would always bring in a new idea to try and get the conversation going again which shows that he was fairly confident with what he was saying and the subject that was being spoken about. Josh showed a lot of confidence with what he was saying and showed knowledge as he was always bringing in examples from what he has scene from the television or general everyday life. With him bringing in examples showed that he knew what he was talking about. Even though Josh brought in relevant points and helped the others there were times where he interrupted the others or even finished their sentence showing that he was being fairly rude but not meaning to as he knew what they were trying to say so thought he was helping. Overall Josh did very well and is a confident speaker who i would give 11/16

  10. Jake

    As put by Polly, i apparently “dominated” the discussion at times. Although i may not be so elaborate in its description, the level of involvement and confidence i used in the discussion seems to have sky-rocketed (possibly due to a chocolate milkshake) from that of previous group discussions. I am thoroughly pleased with my contribution to the discussion and am glad i was able to maintain discussion and provide my own views and ideas. Next time, to improve, i would likely need to keep a constant involvement in the discussion. I could also aim to speak about some more complex responses to the subject, and perhaps stimulate further answers in my peers as a result. Overall, without being too modest, 11/16.

  11. emily h

    During fridays lesson, it was my task to observe Naomi on her performance as a speaker in a group discussion. Though I beleived that she initially found the discussion a bit nerve-racking, she certainly settled in and began to make some very valid points. She tooks charge and I beleived her to be one of the strongest if not the strongest speaker in the group. Furthermore I found that a strength of hers was her ability to develop on others points with her own point of view, this also lead her to try and include others in by asking questions. She used some technical vocab but she managed to talk in a way that was appropriate for the audience. Her speech was mainly clear though occasionally nerves kicked in and she began to cover her face, but overall she was a strong speaker with relevent and clear points.

    As an observer there wasn’t to much speech to be done but when the time came to feedback I did my best to speak clearly without too much pausing. I would give myself a seven/eight as I could have been more confident, this it what I would have worked on to reach elevens and twelves.

  12. josh

    During Fridays lesson i was one of the main speakers. We were talking about how an accent used in the dialect affects your opinion on a person. I feel i gave a good contribution to the discussion, by bringing my points in and expressing my opinion. I feel everyone in our group added to the discussion. I feel Sam was the mani speaker and brought the conversation on well by asking people questions.

  13. Polly

    I was observing Jake during the lesson and I made these conclusions about his part in the discussion; he interacted well with the other speakers by asking questions and giving contrasting opinions, his points were sometimes developed and gave personal anecdotes to perhaps persuade the other speakers, he gave more complex ideas in some of his responses by referring to historical contexts of dialects and had a good use of terminology. Therefore I think overall he was a good speaker but could improve his performance by giving more extended, developed answers and possibly improving his confidence when speaking.

  14. Holly

    In Fridays dissusion i was observing the whole group, Alysa immidiately took control of the conversation and starts it off with a well developed point, however the focus in the group was limited at the beginning and there were a lot of interruptions and goggling. Emily L was not focused and did not contribute very well, but as the discusion developed she was starting to explain her points and gave some valid examples.
    The main speakers were; Alysa, Sam P, Jake. Elouisa was quitet, perhaps not confident and being overpowered by by other speakers.
    The female lead was Alysa, asking the most questions and developing peoples points, Jake used specialist vocabulary which refined his answers and sounded impressive, however he had to repeat himself and was often interrupted by people who were less focused.
    Dynamic of the group improved as the disscusion was developed and people were not trying to overpowere eachother as often, however there were awkward silences where people pressured others to speak, points were not relevant sometimes. Sam was interruped often and was not given the opportunity to speak and develop his points however he did make a good coontribution to the group when others would let him! Jake showed the most understanding of the topic, but Alysa was still dominant. Emily did eventually focus and extended her answers after some encouragement from the others. Flow of conversation was mainly good.


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