Year 9 – Mr Bakewell’s Set

Email me or post in the box below an example of your most effective piece of Gothic writing (a sentence or a paragraph), so that we can display some examples of Year 9’s best practice, exemplifying aspects of Gothic writing that are effective. Write a short commentary beneath, explaining either why it is Gothic, or why you are proud of it.


16 thoughts on “Year 9 – Mr Bakewell’s Set

  1. Samantha

    The grin on my face says it all as my mouth widens as the death becomes closer i see the fear on her face. I like fear i mean who doesn’t i feed on fear i love fear. Blood begins to pour out of me as the excitement builds. this dark secretive room was going to hold the greatest death of all time.

  2. Lucy

    “I had nothing to go back to, apart from the dead ivy-covered shed in the graveyard. This was a peaceful place to reflect on my achievements. After all there wasn’t much life there. That was how i liked it!”

    I chose this because it leaves you questioning the character e.g. why she dosen’t live at home, why she likes being where there is no life. (It sounds gothic).

  3. Nell

    She stood on the cliff top overlooking the raging sea, which threatened to engulf the land with its ominous body. Row upon row of serrated teeth lined the bottom of the cliff, saliva foaming from the gaping mouth. Time raced past, plummeting her into bitter darkness, which almost seemed to consume the night; yet still she stood there eyeing the avaricious sea.

    I think this paragraph is gothic because the words I have used are weird sand creepy giving it a sense of mystery.

  4. Rosie

    “His entire look was black and white, apart from his eyes. Their deep grey reminded me of a dull sky, lifeless and miserable. But they were anything but lifeless. They seemed to burn and I could tell that they had seen so much. Much more than was wanted. Those seen things could never be taken back.”

    I think that this passage from my writing is the most effective bit of gothic writing I have done. This is because of the description I have used and it makes the reader question what is going on. For example, who is he? What has he seen? Why is he like this?

  5. Jaz Heard

    “He towered over her, the six inch knife caught the sunlight, at that point her life flashed before her eyes, her handbag dropped, all the contents were all over the floor, despite the mess, there’s only one thing that caught his eye, and in the moment of rage he brutally murders Rosealie, she can now be in peace as he dumps her bruised body in the boot of a car in the street.”

    I think this is the most effective part of my story and the elements of gothic is beauty and darkness and romance and my story is about an abusive relationship, and the beginning of my story if actually my ending because I think it would make the reader want to read on?

  6. joe.mckeown

    im trapped now theres no going back now. I need to find a weapon and fast i feel like im being hunt down by this monster,this aggresive predator. I have no energy left exausted lifeless with no where to go i dont know wheather to give up or to fight back. ill just have to wait and see what this dark alley brings me.

  7. Louis

    His smug grin grew larger by each murder he had committed,his sinjed face blistered and pulsated creeping further down his body and to slowly engulf and corrupt his malevolent mind.His sharp and jagged teeth were brittle to the touch and oozed a sticky green substance.

    This is the description of my villain and i chose it because i liked the vocabulary i used, it would also make the reader now how creepy this person would look and they might think that the person could be cursed, i thought it was quite a good description of a character and an effective piece of Gothic writing.

  8. Olivia

    She had a skinny pale face, with massive cheek bones. Her smile had no happiness to it, her big eyes stood out as she turned her body facing the hat. The chains that dangled from her black clothes rattled. The clomp that her big patent black shoes made when she walked across the room made the floor shake. Her emotions on her face looked confused and depressed because her eyes rolled looking at the room she stood in.

    I am proud of this because I think it gives a good description of what the girl looks like and shows herself, for the first time in the story.

  9. Tara Bashford

    As the figure made its way down the dark corridoor, to mary’s amazment the figure was a girl, but did not have the presance of kindness. The girl brushed her brittle black hair out of her motionless eyes as she stood in the darkness, When even the slitest sound cold be heard over the howling wind and the dripping of the blood of the. Ice. Cold. Blade.
    was this a dream or a slice of reality for mary-jane…

    i chose this paragragh as it gave a sense of unsecurity when your reading it. Also it had the sign of death and dark spaces.(gothic)

  10. ELLIE BLAKE ;)

    I’d never given much thought to how I would die — though I’d had reason
    enough in the last few months — but even if I had, I would not have
    imagined it like this.
    I stared without breathing across the long room, into the dark eyes of the hunter, and he looked pleasantly back at me. Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble, even. That ought to count for something.

    I thought it was this bit was effective because it makes the reader think when is she going to die and who does she love? This shows the dark beauty and romantic side in Gothic stories. It says that she dies but the reader whats to know why she died and how so it makes them read on.

  11. Sophie Rapps

    Here in his dusty, old house the old lady and the young boy stared curiously at eachother, as the monlight shone through the broken ceiling. for hours they stood, not once did they budge. Just glaring, staring, watching…

    1. Sophie Rapps

      I choose extract from my story because i feel it creates the most tension. This is also quite a crucial part in the story. I like the sentence structure and use of laguage.

  12. Erin

    Sorry Sir, wasn’t here on monday but just found about this homelearning…
    “Tragically, my best friend died. No one knows why or how. It just happened. There was an ora about her that was different, mysterious. It wasn’t really anything she said or anything she did it was the feeling that came along with it.”
    I thought this was gothic because there was a death which occurs in most gothic stories. Also, I described that there was someting strange about my best friend and its a deep dark secret that will be revealed at the end of the book. This secret will carry on throughout the whole books with little clues all the way through, in gothic stories there is always a secret so I used this in my gothic story.

  13. Georgia Lock

    “As I watched half of my childhood and most of my memories being lowered into the ground, a sudden terror of what was happening hit me like a tsunami; it was as if a wave of impending doom suffocated my lungs. All of a sudden I’m spinning, I can hear the Vicar and the faint sobs, the large stone angels praying and the deafening screams from the gargoyles.”

    I think that this passage from my story represents gothic by the vocabulary i have chosen. I chose my words carefully to hopefully make the reader want to carry on reading.

  14. Tyler French

    I watched. Just stared into oblivion. I wanted to do something, but i was paralyzed by fear. Every stroke of the arm made me invisible. I was hidden, in the shadows, watching as the arm fell again. My feet became cold. I put my hand to them, I could not see what it was, but I knew it was her’s. He came out of nowhere and ran. She pushed me out of sight, so he grabbed her. His blade slicing in every direction, it didn’t stop. I wanted to scream, just like she was, but I would join her if I did. All I could do is wait, wait for her’s to go. Wait for mine to come.

    I think that this is a Gothic paragraph because it is describing the scene of a murder. It also involves fear which i reckon is a good Gothic quality as it can make you think what you would do in this sort of situation.


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