Year 9 (Mr Bakewell)- Gothic Home Learning

Rewrite the following passage in which a safe, comfortable setting / atmosphere becomes one of fear and menace.

The cottage stood hidden from the road, held protectively by the surrounding trees. Ivy climbed the walls, making it difficult to see what colour the stonework underneath had originally been. The windows peered inquisitively out at those who approached, while the door was always opened in a welcoming smile.

The little house was cosy and friendly. It smelt of woodsmoke and apples when you walked in and little squares of sunshine fell through its tiny windows. It offered no sound apart from the crackle of logs on the fire, or sigh of wind in the chimney.

New wooden floorboards had been laid in a couple of rooms over the bricks, for warmth, and these had shrunk as they dried; just sometimes you’d get the feeling as if somebody else had stepped on to the board you stood on, and made it bend a little.


One thought on “Year 9 (Mr Bakewell)- Gothic Home Learning

  1. Tara Bashford- x

    The cottage stood hidden from the road, held tightly by the trees firm grip. The ivy climbed the crumbling walls and strangeled the house with all it’s might. As you walk into the house the old stingy smell of mold attacking every square meter of the house. The worst of the all the sense of fear and danger…

    As you make your way through the house the furniture was ruined, it had been thrown everywhere. In most of the furniture laid two very deep sharp bite marks about 3cm apart. This wisent an animal that did this it was something smaller much smaller, more deadly, more stronger and much more clever…

    Making your way up the stairs was the worst feeling. The sound of the old fireplace burning awayith sudden outbursts of smoke, and the feel of draft coming through the small crakes in the walls that were filled with darkness, coldness and fear that felt like it would grap you and pull down to the darkest part of your mind. At any moment.

    I had only made it up the first few stairs but the worst was still to come… I had already feared all my senses! What could lie around the next corner?


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