Mr Legowski’s (recommended) 9em1 home learning – due Wednesday 23 January

Dear class,

As you know, the new poetry scheme of learning we began today leads us towards a mock GCSE poetry controlled assessment in March. Your home learning tasks therefore, though not compulsory, are certainly recommended.

You have a choice of home learning tasks based on our reading of The River God today.

Either draw a word-picture* of the river god using words and lines from the poem and from your own observations. There will be a prize for the best piece of art!

Or write an answer (approx. 200 words) to the following question: Is the river god a benevolent god or a vengeful one?

*Your word-picture (for want of a better description) will take inspiration from the Sky Audio Description video we watched today, though yours will be even better! You can watch it again below.

The deadline for this task is Wednesday 23 January. Your work must be presented neatly, regardless of the task you choose to do.


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