Tenth Day – January

We had great fun, but how did you find it? We’d like to know whether you felt you learned anything (about performance, story or groupwork) from the Tenth Day that kicked off our course on The Merchant of Venice – and whose performances did you most appreciate? Please put your views in the comment box below!


21 thoughts on “Tenth Day – January

  1. Jess Branton

    Our performance went ok apart from someone who wouldn’t participate enough in the group but it went alright although it was a bit embarrassing…
    The performances were quite entertaining. I mostly enjoyed Ashley’s, Matthew’s, Tyler’s, Sarah’s and Rhiannon’s performance mainly because of the sense of humor that Ashley portrayed in the role of his character which was very effective.
    The Math’s lessons were enjoyable and fun, exploring about probability and how probability is used in games like board games and computer games.
    Overall Tenth Day was quite fun as an English and Math’s Tenth Day which I thought would be boring but it turned out better as I thought it would be.

  2. Daisy

    The day was alright, i didn’t see much point in the maths and games on the computer though, i understood that it was to learn new ways of working things out, but it didn’t tie in with the english in any obvious way. The plays were quite funny to watch but performing, i found, was just embarrassing. It was better than i thought it would be.

  3. Aimee

    Our performance went really well, i learnt a lot about working in a group, we rehearsed over and over a lot and this really helped. To be honest i didn’t really see the help in the maths lessons, it didn’t really seem to fit in with the English, and the activity’s we did in ICT i found boring and pointless. In my opinion the group i appreciated the most was Teagan’s, Leah’s, Finely’s, Sio’s, and Anthony’s, i Enjoyed their performance, because it had humor and but it also follow the story, i also like the test they set up, i Love how the girls kept in character. Overall tenth day was fun however in parts were boring and personally i didn’t see the point in them, but i enjoyed the end activity’s and beginning of the English.

  4. Rhiannon

    I found that the day was pretty interesting. The maths section of the day actually seemed almost pointless, however I could understand the reasoning behind it, likewise with the ICT activities. The drama in English was truly brilliant and fun because the play we portrayed came across in so many ways and allowed everyone to work in a team. It was great fun and I feel that the groups had much talent, and one that was enjoyable was Jessica’s group because they were able to control the way the audience reacted at appropriate times, and slipped in humor A LOT of the time, which made for a great performance. All in all it wasn’t that bad a day.

  5. James Smith

    I think it was quite a good day. The Maths section was quite enjoyable , by being beaten a computer 9000 times and gambling away all your roulett money. This did seem to tie in with the concept of solving a problem in the English drama which was just fun all the time. The problem solving did tie in with solving problems such as trying not to slip up or how best not to laugh in the middle of lines. The day was FAR from boring with hillarious acting and performances.I thought it was a quite a good day.

  6. Joy

    I didn’t see how the maths and games on the computer were supposed to tie in with the English, i did however find it fun and I know what it was teaching us, The performances were really funny to watch and though i wasn’t to happy when we were first told we all had to put on a performance, in the end i had fun and learnt a lot. i didn’t like one more then the rest, i think they all had things in them that made them good. i think that the day went quite well and i enjoyed it.

  7. Georg(e)

    My first day at Dartmouth Academy was great. I took the bus at 8:00 am from torquay to Dartmouth. When we arrived Phil bade us welcome and showed us the whole school.
    Then we had to choose our lessons. After that we had maths. Our subject was probabilitys.
    At the end of our schoolday brought us the schoolbus back to Torquay.
    In my opinion the day was very exciting and I was sure that the three comming months at a englisch school will be great.

  8. savannah

    i thought that although I enjoyed several parts of the day, the activities didnt seem very linked, primarily the maths and ICT games in comparison to the Merchant Of Venice theme.I liked watching the other groups plays, although performing them wasn’t enjoyable for me, personally.Although some aspects made me feel uncomfortable, and some aspects didnt have much point in my view, the day was enjoyable overall.

  9. Jake Billings

    I found the games on the computer quite pointless cause I didn’t really learn anything whereas o found the English acting quite interesting because I have gained a bit of confident in acting and I found it funny. Overall I thought it was quite a different day to the others cause we never really do acting but I found it fun.

  10. Harriet

    i didn’t see how maths and English tied in with the day that much but found useful as a whole and a good way to lead on to our new topic of the Merchant of Venice, at first i didn’t want to perform in front of the other groups because i don’t like acting that much but it was nice to see everyone putting effort in and just having a good time.

  11. Max

    The first day in Dartmouth Academy was nice. I took the bus from Torqay to Dartmouth. The first impression was great. The school is different than in Gemany but it’s a nice experience. I think the school in Dartmouth is also a bit easier than in Germany. The timetable is great. Phil showed us the school, was a nice reception. I looking forward to the next tree months. 🙂

  12. Josie

    I found the tenth day quite interesting, I like the way you introduced our next topic quite mondernely whearas the actually play we are studying was set ages ago. I also liked the little tasks we did with Mr Bakewell cause it made us think the way Portia would have thought. Although I don’t particularly understand where the maths part came into it, if anything it confused me, but it was still interesting. Overall the day was one of the best we’ve had so far. 🙂

  13. Georgia

    i thought that the day would be very different however it turned out to be quite fun, i mostly enjoyed working in groups with people that we dont usually get to as we are in different classes. I thought the maths games were fun and the beginning of the english day i enjoyed, but i didn’t like the acting part it was really embarrassing and i felt very uncomfortable!!

  14. Mary Anne Johnson

    I was surprised at how much i enjoyed the day, as to begin with i didnt understand why we were doing it and i didnt think i was going to enjoy it. Fortantly i did think the day was a sucess. I understand how the enlish and maths tied in together as the whole day was about using tacticts. For me personally, the highlight of the day was the mini performances at the end as i love drama 🙂

  15. tilly

    To start with i didn’t understand the relevance of it, and how it linked to any work we were doing in class however the mini performances at the end did summarize the days work. i enjoyed doing the performances although it was hard to get the whole group to participate. i don’t see how the computer games helped our learning at all, we could have used that time much better i felt.

  16. Finley Teague

    This 10th day was more fun than most other lessons, but we didn’t do much. The games were okay in ICT but i didnt get what they had to do with maths. And the drama stuff we did in english made me laugh because most of the performances were funny, it also boosted my confidence in acting.

  17. Sarah hamill

    i thought 10th day was alright i didn’t really understand why we were doing maths games when we could be doing revision for our science exams. i thought the plays in the afternoon were good both entertaining and embarrassing but overall a good day.

  18. Mireia Santamaria

    It was my first day at Dartmouth Academy so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and I have to say that I really enjoyed the Tenth Day. I had never done anything like this before so I liked it a lot. I think the best part were the plays; they were really good and entertaining, but embarrassing to perform, though I didn’t perform in front of the whole class. I also liked the math and ICT games, in spite of the fact that never won against the computer. In short, I think it was a great day and I’m already looking forward to next week.

  19. merlin headington

    i thought that the hole day went great. my favourite part of the day was the acting with mr Bakewell, this is because we didn’t have to follow a script we could make up our own lins. the way that mr Clooney organised his room was also good the way he had lots of different things to do, it meant we learn a lot.

  20. Nora Schwarz

    The tenth day – and also my very first day – at dartmouth academy went good. First, Phil bade us welcome, showed us the hole school and gave us the timetables. After that we went to the class and didn´t know, how the first lesson would be going on. Maths was much fun and I was thinking about, if the lessons are always like that, just because no one had told us, that the tenth day was a special day. English was great fun, althrough it wasn´t that easy for us german people to play a roleplay. So the first day was very excited and I´m looking forward for the next days.


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